Are You In Denial About Childhood Obesity?

Many parents whose children are in the category of obese are in denial about their children’s situation. A 6-year-old boy of average height (3 feet 9 inches) would be considered obese if he weighs 55 lbs. or more. Is your child obese? Some studies* show that as many as one-quarter of US children ages 6 to 17 are either obese or overweight. Those same studies also show that 40% of the parents of those kids say that their children are “at about the right weight”. Denial can kill you, or your kids.

Health Risks Childhood Obesity

The health risks to children who are overweight or obese are becoming obvious and well-documented. Here are some quick facts about the well-being of obese children age 6-17:

  • They have a 200% higher risk of asthma.
  • They have higher risk for diabetes, high cholesterol, high blood pressure.
  • They are susceptible to other chronic diseases that are usually seen only in adults.

When I quit smoking, I was told that in order to be as unhealthy as a non-smoker as I was as a smoker, I would have to gain 100 pounds. Allowing your children to remain obese is as unhealthy for their long-term wellness as smoking. Do you let your six year old kids smoke? Don't let them live over weight either! It will have as big of a negative impact on their ability to live a long life as smoking would!

BMI Calculator

Don’t deny your kids the long life they deserve. Check out this Body Mass Indicator calculator made especially for children and teens on the Centers For Disease Control website:

Body Mass Index @ CDC

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* University Of Michigan, Department Of Pediatrics and Communicable Diseases and the University of Michigan
Child Health Evaluation and Research (CHEAR)

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