Stress, stress and more stress, what else can I say after working long hours in the corporate environment day after day. Meditation has been my lifeline to keeping me balanced, grounded and stress free. Each day for 10-15 minutes I would quietly sit in peaceful meditation to gently begin my day. Lately, my workplace stress level got so intense that my meditation became bombarded with thoughts of my to-do-list coming at me in a rapid-fire manner.

My frustration escalated as my trusted sacred time of meditation dwindled due to lack of time, loss of focus, loss of relaxation and the inability to quiet my mind. I was at a loss, since other relaxation techniques, like going to the gym, visiting an acupuncturist or working in my garden took much more time than I could manage in my increasingly busy work schedule.

What was I going to do at this point? I knew stress effects could lead to so many symptoms of dis-ease that I was determined to find a solution.

Luckily a dear friend invited me to a healing circle. She introduced the group of participants to the Egyptian Healing Rods. I was fascinated to learn about these Rods and their healing effects, not to mention the amount of scientific research supporting their effectiveness.

The energy of the Rods flowed along the healing circle as we each held hands and we were all lead into a guided meditation. Finally I was able to focus, the noise and chatter of my thoughts eased, and I was able to completely relax. I was amazed; I had not been able to achieve this level of meditation in months!

I learned these Rods were made exactly the same way the Egyptians did and each different Rod set was created with different frequencies. In addition, I learned the Rods reduced stress, balanced all my Chakras and brought Chi Energy back to allow my body to heal on its own. To top that off, five minutes with the Rods equaled thirty minutes of acupuncture!

Wow, I was hooked! I loved that the Rods frequencies never diminished either, meaning my one time purchase would last my lifetime. Of course I left the healing circle with my new set of Rods ready in anticipation of my morning meditation.

This time, my early morning 10-15 minute meditation began with a Rod in each hand; the energy began to flow and pulsate in my palms. As I breathed deeply and relaxed, my focus returned to even greater depth, my body released all its tension and my mind was now clear and empty to receive. Up until this time, I had never experienced such levels of depth in my meditations, I felt rejuvenated and relaxed, ready to handle my day with ease.

I am thrilled with the results I have achieved with the Egyptian Healing Rods, reduced stress, overall balance, clear insightful meditations and an overall feeling of wellbeing.

If you are experiencing stress, having difficulty with meditation or just feel an overall lack of energy, consider owning your very own set of Egyptian Healing Rods. A one-time investment will last a lifetime without hording the precious few hours of free time you have in your day.

Author's Bio: 

Nancy Miiller is an Ordained Ministerial Counselor with Pathways of Light of Kiel, Wisconsin. At POL Spiritual College, all courses are based upon the teachings of A Course in Miracles. Through the ministerial program, Nancy has also been certified as an Accessing Inner Wisdom Counselor and is certified to facilitate Pathways of Light Courses and workshops. These wonderful courses and workshops are gentle, loving, and nurturing that allows for the awakening process to your true Self.

Nancy is co-founder of Reconnect from Within® a gateway to spiritual pathways of awakening to your Higher Self. She is focused on providing a safe, supportive and loving environment for all who wish to access inner wisdom and guidance from Spirit through facilitated courses or one-on-one guided sessions.

She is also a student of A Course in Miracles, a published article writer, a flower essence practitioner, as well as a trained Egyptian Healing Rod healer and distributor. Nancy is also trained in QuantumPathic energy healing, Reconnective healing and the Reconnection.