Accept that life is imperfect—and that's perfect—and deal with what emerges. You know, so many people get backed up and stopped up, and then fall into the blame mode because something didn't happen the way they wanted. Someone didn't offer them what they wanted, be it that opportunity, that job, or maybe someone stood in their way.

Things aren't going the way they like, and maybe someone else is so lucky.

The fact of the matter is, life is perfect. That is life. The definition of life is that it's always going to change. The definition of life is that there are always places to see it better. You are out to be successful at life.

And so you just deal with what emerges—that's it. You have your goals, you have your intentions. You are in motion, making them happen. But whatever happens—in the small event, in the big event—you're flexible, you're adaptable, you can appreciate the adventure.

The alternative, as they say down South, is to be caught with your “pants down”—in other words, to admit that you're not capable. Now, do you think the stage hypnotist who invites a crowd of people up to the stage to have some fun, is not open to and flexible with the fact that he might get any kind of reaction?

Do you think that magician might have skills to deal with whatever's going on? See, that's it. We've called these things "storms" before. Seek not to avoid storms and adventures, because that is the stuff that life is made of. Rather, seek to be competent, capable, flexible, to win and domineer in any situation.

Just accept that life is imperfect, that is perfect, and deal with what emerges. You are an achiever. You are not an excuse-maker. You are not a baby—you do not demand unrealistic things from the universe before you can be happy. That's for the losers, and that's how they actually manufacture their own unhappiness.

Of course, they feel very justified in doing that, which is another thing you can't live with, because you know the truth. Oh, you might have a moment where you can feel a little bit of self pity, but the fact of the matter is, you already know the truth.

You are in charge of your internal apparatus. That's the Inner Eagle that lets you guide your destiny, map out, create, decide what you want, guide, move, stay in motion doing it—and keeps you from getting entrapped by some of the all-so-common attitudes that so many of the more inferior people have.

And you must remember, it's not always easy if, as statistics say, 95% of all people reaching retirement age are economic failures. If that is true, you know that 95% of the people are not even in the same club you're in. You've got to do an inside job.

Be flexible, be adaptable, be victorious!

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