An Introduction to Safe Sex

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The term “Safe Sex", here, does not have anything to do with contraceptives or what people normally regard as safe sex. This is entirely different. Many people, especially adolescents, are engaging in sex in the wrong state of mind, whether they are using contraceptives or not, and have no realization they are destroying themselves, their partners, and even society as a whole!
Sex, when used under the wrong conditions can be harmful, destructive and even fatal. The word “wrong”, here, has nothing to do with moral implications. The problem has to do with the supply and demand of a specific type of energy, which I will call Sex Energy. So in this report, we are dealing purely with a problem in energy dynamics, which makes our investigation a purely scientific one.
Sex is a very powerful energy. It’s like playing with a gun. A gun is a very powerful weapon when used in the right way. If one uses this weapon unwisely, one may harm oneself and others. The same applies to sex. In order to understand how sex can be harmful and even fatal, one must first have at least a basic understanding of the Human Energy System. One must also understand the nature of energy itself. We will discuss how to use sex power for constructive purposes later. And, when I use the word “sex power”, it has nothing to do with how attractive you are!

This report will save relationships and lives. It will also enable one to tap into an extremely powerful source of energy and power, so that one may achieve any constructive goal easily.

Let’s start off by firstly dealing with the dangers of sex. Please pardon my bluntness, but I need to ask you a few personal questions. So, please don’t take them too personally!

Do any or some of the following things happen to you after having sex, either immediately or in the long term:
• Start smoking
• Start drinking alcohol excessively.
• Start taking drugs.
• Run to the refrigerator and start eating, and realize that you are slowly becoming overweight.
• You lose your temper easily and often, and may even get violent
• Have arguments with your partner either immediately after sex or a few hours or days later.
• Feel like you hate your partner either immediately after sex or a few hours or days later.
• Experience anxiety, panic attacks or heart problems up to one month later.
• Experience fatigue and loss of strength up to one month later.
• Experience severe headaches and abdominal upsets.
• You are losing your hair
• Your partner no longer looks attractive to you and appears to have the life sucked out of them, and your partner has the same perception of you
• Your general level of fitness is slowly declining
• Your general level of concentration and memory is slowly declining
• You feel empty and life appears to have lost its meaning
• You have become impotent
• You experience low self-esteem and are generally unhappy

If you are having some of the above experiences, the chances are that the reservoir that holds your sex energy has been depleted. And, if you are taking Viagra or any type of drug designed to enhance your erotic experience, your sexual experience may be much better than usual, but the above after-effects will happen with triple the intensity. Also, if you're over 50 and experience some of the above effects for an extended period of time, the results may be FATAL. This happens because your system will supply you with energy needed for your sex act by drawing on unnatural or alternative energy supplies. These alternative energy supplies are usually energy extracted from the various organs and systems of your mind-body system.

Some people may not notice the above after-effects after having sex because when they experience these effects they forget that they were preceded by a sexual experience. And, they never suspect, not even in their wildest dreams, that there is a link between the above experiences and their sexual habits. When they do experience the above effects, they appear to come out of nowhere. All one has to do, is to stay alert and not forget when you have had sex when the above effects happen, and you will realize the connection.

Now, if you are having the above experiences and you keep doing things the way you are doing them you will be harmed. And, if you tried to give up sex, you will "go crazy". So, you appear to be caught in a dilemma. Fortunately, there is a way out of this dilemma and this report will reveal it to you.

In this report you will learn:
• How having sex in the wrong mental and emotional state can harm you and your partner.
• How having sex with a depleted sex reservoir can also harm you
• How there is usually, but not necessarily, a delay from the time of sex, under the wrong conditions, to the time of the above effects.
• How to recharge your sexual energy
• How to know when it is the right time to have sex
• How to recognize the right emotional conditions necessary for “safe sex”
• How to experience triple the pleasure when you have sex
• How to use your sex impulses to achieve constructive goals and increase concentration and memory recall.

All this may be totally new to you and you may not believe or realize that sex and sexual enhancements can have these effects, under the wrong conditions. And, you may not believe that high achievers use sex energy, usually unknowingly, as their source of success. You may also be thinking that if having sex can result in the above effects, then someone would have noticed it by now and it would be common knowledge. Well, not necessarily! A detailed answer to this question is explained in my book “A Manual for Self-Mastery”, which is available from

Only very few people know about the real dangers of sex, and for good reason, have decided not to make this knowledge public...until now! And, as far as the general public is concerned, the average person does not even suspect, not even their wildest dreams, of the existence of a link between sex and the above effects!


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Joe Anthony is author of the book "A manual for Self-Mastery". He lives in Sydney Australia and spends his time writing and giving seminars on emotion management, relationships and goal achievement.