I got a call from a retired gentleman I had consulted with a couple years back. Since my last visit, he had become a widower and was moving to a condominium near one of his daughters. Much to my surprise, he wanted me to look at the floor plan. When I had originally met with Lee and his late wife, he hadn’t seemed too interested in Feng Shui. But now I see I was wrong. Evidently he was more interested than I thought. We set up a time to meet.

Since Lee couldn’t get into the condo for another month, I went to the house he had shared with his wife. It became apparent after a few minutes Lee not only wanted me to look at his layout but he wanted some help making decisions about what to get rid of and what to take with him. It seemed like this should be a job for Lee and his daughter, but he assured me he wanted my input first which he would then share with his family.

Lee had obviously cleared out a considerable amount of clutter after his wife’s death. I hardly recognized the place. I remembered only too well her requests for help with all the stuff she had acquired. Ellie was a collector and a pack-rat; she kept everything and their home showed it. She realized things were out of control and she hoped Feng Shui could help.

As the afternoon progressed and my comfort level with Lee settled in, I shared with him my surprise and delight that he had actually called me. Lee told me how things had changed after my first visit when Ellie began implementing some Feng Shui into their lives.

Lee reminded me that I had encouraged her to start de-cluttering in their bedroom----she took this advice to heart. Lee recounted how she began in small ways----taking out a few books, selling a useless sewing machine, cleaning out a few dresser drawers. He encouraged her every step of the way. Eventually she managed to down-size her belongings so one of the dressers could be removed, freeing up some space in their bedroom. Lee smiled as he remembered how Ellie sheepishly hauled out eight bags of shoes she didn’t wear anymore. Lee said she took on new life and he hoped she could continue this intensity throughout the rest of their home.

Ellie did continue. She became fearless, in Lee’s words. She gave away items, threw things out, recycled when possible. Lee was right by her side, encouraging her, helping her whenever he could, feeling proud of her change. He shared there were moments, although not many, when she second-guessed her actions, but Lee talked her through it. The next day Ellie would forge ahead.

Lee said there were times when he wondered if she’d know when to stop. The neighbors thought they must be moving out. Lee was beginning to wonder himself. Even now as we sat at his kitchen table he told me how unbelievable the changes were in his wife. Each day brought new enthusiasm to clearing out some part of the house.

Ellie worked tireless for nearly a year. Lee said she often talked about calling me to give an update of her progress. But she never got around to it. Lee was becoming a firm believer in the power of Feng Shui. I began to see that this new look in the house wasn’t Lee’s doing at all but actually was hers. He confirmed my thoughts. Because of all of her efforts, their home took on new energy and interest for both of them. They got around to a couple small remodeling projects once all the clutter was gone.

Lee looks upon Ellie’s de-cluttering as her final gift to him. For, one day, she left to run a few errands and, in the process, had a fatal encounter with someone who didn’t see his stop sign. Lee has been alone in the house for a year. He knows for sure he wouldn’t be in any position to make a move to a small place if not for Ellie’s de-cluttering activities. He can only attribute her dramatic shift to her knowledge of Feng Shui. I reminded him she was ready for a change, making her open and receptive to new ideas.

We spent some time looking at the floor plan of his new place and took stock of what pieces of furniture he would take with him. Lee was looking forward to a new beginning; he knew it was time. Thanks to Ellie, he was able to move forward more easily and freely.

Author's Bio: 

Carole J. Hyder has been a Feng Shui consultant since 1992. She is an internationally recognized teacher, speaker, author and trainers. Carole has authored two books ("Wind and Water" and "Living Feng Shui") as well as 2 DVDs and a CD. In 1998 she founded the Wind and Water School of Feng Shui, and has since certified nearly 300 students. Visit Carole's website at www.carolehdyer.com for more information.