I was reading an interesting book on the subject of the Law of Attraction. How we attract what we get by the way we feel. If we feel lack, we attract more lack (I know that's not a good way of putting it but you understand what I mean) and if we feel abundant in anything we attract more of that, be it joy, happiness, wealth etc.
Which seems to make sense if you can remember when you felt things just couldn’t get any better ~ they do? They did! Or the reverse when you felt nothing else could wrong and it did.
Now the thing that really interested me was that when we feel negative, down or just have a feeling we don't want or like, it is simply a signal from our unconscious mind, our inner guidance, that we're not aligned with what we want. It’s Just a signal. I wonder how many times we haven't recognised that signal or done something about it.
Well knowing these feelings are a signal of our out of alignment we can now do something about changing it and re correct our course for attracting what we want.
Simply by asking ourselves the question ~ "how do I want to feel instead?" The action of coming up with an answer will begin the process.
But how do you create this feeling that you want?
Well briefly, there are a number of ways and I'll give you an example of one or two.
Firstly when you know how you want to feel, remember a time when you felt it before and you will get a sense of that memory and in your mind step into it again. Re-live it as it were. As you do this become aware of just the feeling and begin to increase it, magnify it, intensify it more than what it was. Some people are able to spin the feeling faster and faster and that too can make it stronger.
If you squeeze you thumb and forefinger together at the highest point of the feeling and hold them there for about 10 seconds you will have created an 'anchor' (an NLP term) If you do this a couple of times more the stronger it will be.
Now to help you go through the thing that made you feel the way you didn't want to~
As you think of what you are doing that caused you to feel negative before see yourself completing what you were/are doing as you squeeze that thumb and forefinger together and notice how you feel now about what you are doing. Keep doing this every now and then as you continue with the task.
And going back to where I started.
Take time out to feel the way you want to feel in the future, notice what you want in the future and how it will feel when you have achieved it. If you do it often enough you may just find that you find yourself in situations that make you feel that way more often.
Now although the above is a simple technique and we use and teach maybe more elegant ways in both in our therapy practise and NLP trainings (my son Joseph and mine) its’ simplicity makes it real. There is no need to intellectualise (heaven forbid) just use your mind and body to create more pleasure than you can stand

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Trainer of NLP and Real hypnosis. Master Practitioner of Tile Line Therapy
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