Leonardo DaVinci,by any one's standard,was perhaps one of the most gifted and prolific men who ever lived.
A painter, sculptor, architect, engineer, musician, scientist,and natural philosopher,he is credited with saying
"ancora imparo,"which means:"I am still learning."
It is said that he made this statement when he was well into his eighties,a time when many of us may have decided,perhaps,that there is nothing more we can contribute,or that we,because of our advanced years,may not be able to learn anything new or apply what we already know in a novel or different way.

This attitude about learning will rob,not only the person who mistakenly believes this untruth, but it may also deprive the larger population of some valuable and needed contribution.
Imagine where we as a society would be if DaVinci,or others like him,had slowed down or stopped learning when he reached a certain age or a particular status in life.

For those of us interested in personal development and self growth,DaVinci's attitude about life and learning should give us the boost,if we need one,to continue learning and growing in all areas of our lives,throughout our lives.
Perhaps we,like he,will create something grand and noble in our golden years.

Personally,DaVinci is one of my two favorite people,and if you have visited my expert page on Self Growth.com,you have seen his name and the above quote cited.
This genius has been my inspiration for many years because of his forward thinking and his seeming unlimited creativity.
DaVinci's life and his many contributions have clearly convinced me that for as long as we are alive and healthy, we can make a positive impact in the world,just by remaining inquisitive and interested in the things around us throughout our lives.

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Barbara J.Henry is a published author and avid reader of books on self growth,personal development,and spirituality,which are the subjects of her book,'Journaling,Twenty Plus Reasons Why You Should Start Now',her blogs, and her articles.
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