Animal Communication Have you ever wanted
to be able to understand what animals are thinking?
This course teaches you the principals of telepathy
(how animals communicate) to talk to animals on their
level . Interactive exercises are used to awaken and
strengthen your natural abilities. You will leave not
only with the knowledge of how to connect with animals
in this way, but you will have done it yourself!
You will also receive at least one reading on your own
pet as we will exchange pictures for practice purposes.
Please bring a recent photo of your living pet.

Workshop conducted by:
Sheila Trecartin, RP CRA, C.R.H.P.
Sheila is a Certified Reflexologist (registered with the Canadian Examining Board) as well as, a Reiki Master /Teacher (registered with the Canadian Reiki Association). She offers her talents to human as well as animal clients. Sheila became interested in the holistic field at a very young age. Showing early signs of many holistic talents, she has learned greatly through her own life experience.
She has been practicing in the holistic field for over 19 years. In addition to Reflexology and Reiki, her prolific portfolio also includes ear candling, crystal healing, vibrational essences, colour therapy, chakras balancing, meditation, pendulum healing, dowsing, past life regression, and animal communication.

Even though she enjoys these other modalities she feels the most gratification helping her animal friends express their needs, wants, feelings and thoughts. She considers it an honour to be a communication bridge between pets and their owners.

Sheila Trecartin, RP CRA, C.R.H.P.

Author's Bio: 

Nancy is a former V.P. Finance and Admin and was on the Boards of two Toronto Manufacturers. She has left Corporate life to help others achieve Spiritual/Soul Growth by providing a unique venue with Workshops there for other seekers. Her particular gifts are in remote viewing and absent healing, but feels administrative requirements for this venture are foremost now.