I have already discussed what a fork can teach us about life and creating the life of our dreams. Let's talk about one more topic on what something as simple as a fork can teach us about life and everything we need to know in order to manifest, attract, and create the life we want to live. We have lessons around us all the time, but few people ever learn to recognize those lessons in order to use them in ways that allows them to enhance their current station and experience in life. Use something as simple as going to the bathroom as a teacher, and you will be amazed at the lessons you will learn about life.

A fork is nothing that we think it is. First of all, it started as an idea, and remains an idea. It is useless when it just sits in your kitchen waiting to be used. Until you decide to pick it up and use it as a utensil it is nothing more than a hunk of matter sitting in a drawer in your kitchen. It is your mind that gives it meaning and use. It is your belief that it is used to pick up food in order to keep your hands clean and to feed yourself that gives a fork power. By itself, a fork is completely useless. Once you add in the human ability to turn it into a useful item, you begin to give a fork power, and how that human mind uses the tool is directly related to how powerful and useful the tool is.

Second of all, a fork is not some hunk of metal shaped into a specific design in order to make it useful. It is energy. It is our ability to take ideas and concepts and take that hunk of energy and shape it into a piece of reality that is useful on a daily basis. In fact, everything is energy, and it is the human mind that shapes that energy into different shapes, tools, concepts, and useable pieces of reality. Without your mind entering into the equation, that hunk of metal is just that, a hunk. Not even of metal until mind labels it as such.

So your mind creates the reality of a hunk of metal being shaped into a useful tool, and then gives meaning to that specific tool in your life. That same hunk of metal with the ability to create and use ideas turns that hunk of metal into electronics, cars, forks, spoons, hammers, nails, watches, glasses, and a million other tools. Your ideas are what shape your life, your world, your reality. Use your ideas effectively and you begin to shape your life in new and amazing ways.

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