Emotional disorders, depression, anxiety, and post partum depression has become a hot topic since celebrities such as Tom Cruise and Brooke Shields have brought their view points or controversies into the public view.

The pharmaceutical industry has jumped on the band wagon and has increased their commercials for what they feel help these disorders but I feel they are only offering treatments not solutions.

Is Tom Cruise right even though maybe his message did not come out in a kind loving manor or is Brook Shields right to believe what the medical community has taught her?

Our perspectives come from what we know, what we are taught. If we only know one way isn’t that going to be what we choose as an answer.

Forget about right or wrong, there is no right or wrong in this or anything else for that matter, there is only what works or what does not work.

But please get educated and listen to what both sides have to offer, and then make your decision on what might be best for you. Look at trying to find a solution instead of just treating a symptom.

I have been very blessed in having been on both sides of this issue. As a nurse I was given the opportunity to care for many people with these disorders. I got to see first hand what does not seem to work. On a more personal side having experienced anxiety due to chemical toxicity and some unusual metaphysical experiences I learned first hand many tools to enable me to get through these situations but most of all I was able to find solutions not just treatments.

First I would like to talk a little about what is going on with the drug companies.

We have all seen the commercials happy scenes while they read off the list of side effects. There are only 2 countries in the world that allow pharmaceutical commercials. In my opinion this is an out rage in itself that we are allowing this in America. It seems the pharmaceutical industry has out right bought our federal Lobbyists. This industry has spent more then $800 million in donations at the federal and state levels in the past 7 years. The drug companies have huge investments in Washington and have swayed lobbyist into making it very difficult for people to buy cheaper medication out of this country. Most of the industries political spending paid for federal lobbying making which hired about 3000 lobbyists in order to advance their interests before the house, department of health, and human services.

What about the distorted research bias that has expert panels by scientists whose primary research program are substantially dependent on Drug Company funding? These same panels issue diagnosis and treatment guidelines that heavily influence the decisions of physicians. Most practicing physicians do not have the time or expertise to examine all relevant research in depth. What I saw in the industry was whoever was the favorite detail rep influenced what prescription was written. By no means is any ethical physician trying not to give the best care possible but again it comes down to education. Who is educating the medical care physician? The pharmaceutical industry! They write many medical text books that are used in medical school.

The well respected British Medical Journal found that approval of Prozac type drugs was plagued by duplicate publication, selective reporting of research data and that the difference between efficacy of the drug and placebo were 3 times more likely to appear as stand alone publications than with studies with non-significant results. It was found these selected medications had no clinically meaningful advantage over the placebo.

Another major problem due to the public viewing these pharmaceutical commercials they are then pressuring their physician into giving them a prescription. This society only feels a doctor visit is worth while if they leave the office with a prescription. Americans are not receiving enough unbiased evidence based advice concerning the relative value of tests and drugs recommended by the panels and institutions that wield the greatest influence on health care procedures.

We all need to become proactive in our own health and the only ways we can achieve this is to become educated and stop expecting a magic pill to solve all our problems. Also we need to change society’s ways of thinking. The health care industry should be just that keeping us healthy not treating us for illness. In oriental societies you only pay for wellness visits if you become ill your physician has failed you and you do not have to pay anything until you become well again. The same research needs to be done for the many natural supplements on the market.

Another much overlooked medical option is nutrition. When was the last time your doctor gave you a healthy eating plan instead of a prescription? Because of the research that comes across your physicians desk is funded by drug companies they see very little in the way of nutritional advances.

The Food and drug Administration has had to mandate a new warning label for antidepressants to watch for suicidal behavior, thoughts, or deepening depression. Isn’t this ironic the thing it is suppose to fix is making it worse. The warning labels were placed on medications such as Wellbutin, Celexa, prozac, luvox, remeron, serzone, paxil, Zoloft, lexapro, and effexor

There is no doubt that depression is a devastating issue. But what is very clear to me the drug companies would have you believe that the solution comes in a pill. The data is becoming very strong that by choosing an antidepressant as a solution the side effects are becoming worse then the original depression itself.

So what is the solution? I feel the only solution for true healing is nutrition, our diets. Another part of this in order to get through the depression we have to have tools that work and can bring our bodies back into balance. First let’s talk about what is anxiety. We are seeing anxiety in epidemic proportions. It is more than just through fears such as terrorists it has to do with all the changes we are going through on a physical, emotional, and mental level (spiritual)

One definition of insanity is to keep doing the same things and expect different results.
This exactly what is happening with treating mental illness.
According to Dr Abram Hoffer former director of Psychiatric Research, tranquilizers never cure mental illness because they merely replace one psychosis with another. He recomends them as only a last temporary resort.
A better treatment that has been tried, tested, and proven over 40 years, the same amount of time that chemical interventions has been the main tool.
In the 1950’s a Dr Hoffer and Osmond used Niacin (B3) with great results, with a doubled recovery rate, and was later confirmed by Dr Wittenberg. They also found zinc and folic acid to play a big role in recovery.
The combination of other nutrients and elimination food sensitivities has pushed up the success rate 80%
With a careful assessment of a person’s biochemical status and tailor made diet plus supplements to help bring them back into balance

A discovery of excessive histamine which results in fast metabolism, excessive thoughts, and a tendency to compulsive and obsessive behavior and deep depression. With their fast metabolism they soon became deficient in other nutrients. Too little can cause problems also such as hallucinations and paranoia
Symptoms: sneeze in bright sunlight, shy and over sensitive as a teenager, cry, salivate, and feel nauseous easily, hear your pulse in your head when sleeping, itch every where when you scratch your leg, backaches, stomach aches, and frequent muscle cramps, have easy orgasm with sex, regular headaches, seasonal allergies, abnormal fears, compulsions, rituals, light sleeper, burn up foods rapidly, have little body hair and a lean body, large ears and long fingers, all boy family, tolerate a lot of alcohol
TX: low protein, high carb diet, calcium, methionine

Some people produce excessive amounts of krytopyrroles (found in 50% of people diagnosed with mental illness) which robs the body of zinc (manganese works well with zinc so it should be used also) and B6
Symptoms: intolerance to protein, alcohol, or drugs, definite breath and body odor, morning nausea and constipation, difficulty remembering dreams, crowded upper teeth, white spots on fingernails, pale skin which does not tolerate sun, frequent upper abdominal pain, head colds, and infections, irregular menstrual cycle, impotence, all girl family with look a like sisters
Tx: B6, zinc, manganese

Cerebral brain allergies (food chemical sensitivities) also causes problems can make people manic or severely depressed. Once the foods are removed so is the mental illness.
Symptoms: history of infantile colic, eczema, coeliac disease, asthma, rashes, hay fever, eating the same foods, daily mood swings, relief of symptoms with fasting
Tx: methionine, calcium, zinc, manganese, B6, vitamin C

As you can see simple solutions for sometimes challenging and mis-diagnosed problems.

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Kathryn Morrow, DD Author, Speaker
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