If you were paying attention, a lot of valuable working for success tips surfaced during the Beijing Olympics. Two athletes immediately come to mind, Michael Phelps and Natalie Du Toit. What they both accomplished this year absolutely boggles the mind, Michael with his history making eight gold medals, and Natalie qualifying as an Olympic swimmer with only one leg. Think about it, these two individuals accomplished what others only dream about. They are not from another planet, and they were not part of some scientific experiment to build super athletes in a remote hidden laboratory. Their secret is that they were willing to work harder than anyone else to fulfill their dreams. The sacrifices that these two endured in order to train at these levels should be an inspiration to all.
Natalie never gave up, even after a horrific accident, she consistently showed the heart of a true champion. It is still hard to believe that a swimmer could actually compete at these levels with only one leg. Then of course there is Mr. Phelps, a dolphin in human form. How hard do you think he had to train in order to carve his name in the history books. In order to be a great success at anything, you need drive, determination and a willingness to work harder than your competition. Read their biographies and performance history to get a good idea of how serious these two have been about achieving their goals. Your challenge is to apply these principles to whatever your true passion is, whether it is succeeding at business or leading a healthier, happier life.
As far as business goes, imagine putting in three turbocharged hours extra a day for one year. Can you imagine the difference that would make in your bottom line? Think of it as training for the business Olympics, with you willing to accept nothing short of a gold medal. Train others to think the same way, and there is no limit as to how far you can go. Too many people are willing to accept second best in their lives, all the while complaining and coming up with excuses about their consistent failures. Winners have a completely different mindset than the average person, they are willing to work while others are watching the clock waiting to get off. If you want to be the ultimate winner in life, take a lesson from Michael Phelps and Natalie Du Toit and never give up!

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