There is a lot of buzz surrounding the precepts of The Secret. One must understand that the secret is merely the layout of a guideline. It is similar to a table of content, the film, elaborates finely on different elements, remember this is a film that last about 90 minutes or so.

It should not surprise anyone that the application of the concepts, are not as easy as portrayed. The main players in the movie have been utilizing these principles for many years and they have mastered them only after a lot of practice. Just like playing guitar or becoming an accountant it takes study and practice. Some people can adapt very quickly to new ideas, then, there are others (such as myself) whereby it will certainly take some practice.

None of these teachings are anything new. The Law of Attraction can be found in the Bible, Positive Thinking Books, in most philosophies from different disciplines. It is within the interpretation of these concepts where a lot of people may fall short or simply can not recognize the principles at all. You must first be aware that you are learning a principle, rule or concept. Yet The Secret precepts have been sprinkled in various self development, self improvement, positive thinking, religious and non-religious writings for centuries.

It is now, that these principles are being pushed into a higher level of importance. Why now? That would be a good question, but I don't have a good answer, but I do have a good guess. It is the one thing that every person in America and the world wants, that is Freedom. We all would like to be extremely wealthy, healthy and happy. Who wouldn't? It doesn't take much to look around and see why this would be.

Observe what the majority of people do. They get up in the morning, commute to work, generally to a job they don't like, then after a hard day, go back into the commute and back home, eat, watch some TV, get a steady digest of bad news, then go to bed. Lather, rinse, repeat and that ladies and gentlemen is their reality. No wonder the most likely time one gets a heart attack is on Monday's around 10:00 am. After living this way for so many years, one finds themselves in the situation that they are not happy, there is no light at the end of tunnel, they feel restricted and there is no way out.

The Secret precepts are guiding principles that can and will change your life. The applications are touched on and somewhat simplified in the movie, but one has to dig a little deeper to find out truly what they want to be, do or have in their life. It isn't that easy to figure out either, when I was first asked what did I want? I went completely blank. I had no pad answer. In matter of fact it took me 14 months to decide what I really wanted. I must also admit I was slow in decision since I was caught up with myself and the circumstances that I was in at the time.

Albert Einstein once said you can not solve a problem with the same mind that created it. He was correct, it took a lot of research, talking to others, review of things that I enjoyed, my past and current activities to finally come to a decision. That is where I discovered that there are only two ways to implement the concepts of The Secret and that is through effective education and professional coaching.

Effective education involves not only looking at what it is you want to be, do or have, but is this new concept of yourself driving you forward or backward? Let us say that you want to be a speaker. What will you have to be or do in order to make that happen? If you have little to no experience you may have to start by reading books on public speaking, join a local chapter of Toastmasters or take some higher educational courses on the subject, go hear some expert speakers at some events and seminars. You will also have to learn about the seminar business. Can you do this? Of course you could. Do you really want it? Depends after the study and research you may decide it is not for you. That is the truth and the truth is what you are looking for.

Looking at this information you would think, well doesn't everyone think like this? Here is your answer, NO! You may think I am crazy but the sad truth is that most people and that is about 95% of the public do not think at all.

Outrageous you say? Test it, I guarantee that most people put in more effort planning vacations than planning their future. That is the truth! We are creatures of habit. The Secret is only opening ones eyes to the truth of the matter. People don't think. Most people go to their jobs, and their entire purpose is to earn enough money to pay their bills. Realize this is a goal! Many years later, they still have not achieve their goal only because the context, their thinking, the content, the material thought, is pointed in only one direction, that is to pay off bills. There goal as described is focused on only two concepts, bill and pay.

People go through life to do those two things, to generate bills, so that they can pay them off. The result of this thinking is poverty, mundane routine and a life built around consumerism. That is why some people wake up to the fact that there are other options. Those options are not trading hours for dollars, they rely solely on the skill of the individual to grow and learn.

Sadly, here is where most adults fail. They are also not aware that they failed. It is not in their awareness that education especially self education is a lifetime process, it never stops. Most people right after high school or college, when they enter the workforce, they stop the educational process. Professionals such as lawyers, accountants, information technologist make more money because they continue their education and that is what makes them real professionals. It is the consistent updating of new information and applications that makes them worth more to the marketplace, along with the demand for their particular vocation or service. That is the truth.

Successful people have more in common then just continuing education. They also have or had good mentors or coaches. Most successful people I have had the pleasure to meet had stated that they had great coaches and mentors in their life, and that it made a difference. Their success had been based off the interest of someone who cared enough about them, even when they did not believe in themselves.

A coach or mentor's job is to keep that person with their head screwed on right and focused in the direction that they want to go in. The coach helps them get through the rough points in their life or business and holds them accountable. It is like having a programmer guiding them through the maze of options and at the same time helping them to learn more about themselves and what capabilities are inherent within them.

A good coach will keep that person focused and motivated for success no matter what their objectives may be. A coach does not have customers, they have clients. A coach has the fiduciary responsibility of the sort to protect and care for the person under his or her charge. Though coaches are not therapist they are people that are compassionate, educated and supportive. They can help brainstorm and help anyone get to the next level of their life through guidance, feedback and insight. Coaching will help accelerate the rate of change for any individual, because that is the coaches' true objective.

We have seen that The Secret has given people more awareness about their options in life. We also have seen the paradigms connected to change. It is through effective education and professional coaching whereby change can be made easier and faster for any individual that wants to truly change their life. Awareness plays a major role in one's ability to change. It is through these factors already mentioned in which change is not only possible but probable.

Author's Bio: 

David Schirmer has successfully traded the markets for over 26 years and taught thousands of people to do the same.
He also Featured on "The Secret" which came about because he regularly teaches about the importance of mindset in creating what you want - including wealth from trading.