Did you watch Oprah when The Secret was featured on the show? How amazing to have this incredibly powerful movie brought to the world like this. Thousands of people had already seen and benefited from the teachings of The Secret, but I think these were mostly the early adopters of this phenomenon. People who already have been learning about The law of of Attraction through other sources and for whom it was more like a confirmation and clarification of knowledge they already had. Why I think it is so great to have the movie on Oprah, is that it could help to get The Law of Attraction more mainstream. Millions of people watch Oprah and really adopt and take on what she is endorsing. Imagine what wave of prosperity this can generate!

One thing that struck home for me personally was something Jack Canfield said “although thoughts are powerful, the feelings that the thoughts generate are what actually attract things into our lives”. When I look for myself in this respect, I know I have focused a lot on “positive thinking” and keeping a positive attitude, even when things don't go as smooth as you expect... I also have taken a lot of positive actions, such as starting my own business focused on inspiring others. The one thing I know I can improve on though, is “positive feeling”. I have made it a habit in my life to consciously focus my thoughts on positive things and goals for instance by reading my affirmations or imagining my dream life. But from time to time I notice I do it because I think I should do them, I do it more as a chore than as something to enjoy and be empowered by. You know, when you really want to just crash and sleep, but you still “need to” read your affirmations and goals? But I realized by what Jack mentions, is that this “Just get it over with” attitude doesn't make me really FEEL my affirmations at all! Bottom line is.... I am not attracting them when I do it this way! So the message I wanted to share with you is: When you want to attract things into your life, focus your thoughts on your dreams, really FEEL your dreams and then take positive action to help the universe to bring it into your life!

One powerful way of really “feeling” my dreams is by visualizing them on a daily basis, both in my mind and especially by placing my dream images right in front of me. As James Ray mentions in The Secret “Visualizing your future life can help to hone your thoughts and feelings toward the things you want”. By looking at the representations of your future life on a consistent basis, and really FEELING as if you have already achieved those dreams you create the energy field around you that will attract them into your reality. To add another powerful quote, of Rev. Dr. Michael Beckwith: “an individual can actually begin to generate a certain feeling of gratitude, of love, of peace and of harmony, and the universe will begin to match that feeling tone—and what will flow into your life will match the feeling that you're holding," he says. "It means that everyone…can release themselves from being a victim and begin to take control of their life's destiny."

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Cornelis Boertjens is the CEO of OrangePeel Vision Boards, an innovative company focused on helping others to keep inspired to achieve their goals in life by offering a unique new software tool called “Vision Board”; an easy and very powerful way of creating a Vision Board on your computer, combining your own dream images with self chosen empowering affirmations and power words. For more information feel free to visit www.visualizeyourgoals.com Cornelis can be reached via e-mail at cornelis@orangepeel.co.nz