Are Intuitive Energy Healing, Energy Healer Classes-
Alternative Healing Workshops- for You?

Do you feel heat in your hands? Are you so empathetic to others that you can actually feel their pain? Do you inherently know where a person is ill? Can you smell illness? Do you have unexpected panic and anxiety attacks, or are you extremely sensitive in crowds, have heart palpitations or depressive symptoms for no apparent reasons that clear up and go away just as quickly as they appeared? Do you feel and see things that suggest that you might be "going crazy' to the normal person? Do you hear voices or tones, or have ringing ears? Do you see flashes of light, see colors, "movies", or moving objects out the side of your eye? If so, an energy healing workshop might be for you.

If any of these responses are descriptive of your unexplained reactions you may be an emerging energy healer or an intuitive. You may be experiencing heightened senses of awareness beyond the usual 5 senses. The extra senses creating your sensations are called:

Clairvoyance is a noun from late 17th century French [clair (clear) & voyant (seeing)] and is defined as a "form of extra-sensory perception". Clairvoyance "is the art of 'seeing' with senses beyond the five. Clairvoyance is often called the 'sixth sense' or ESP. It is the psychic ability or power to see objects, and visions, or to gain information regardless of its distance. The visions may also be in the future, and some times in the past. Clairvoyance is an umbrella term which often refers to telepathy, spiritualism, psychic research, second sight, prophetic visions, and dreams."

Clairaudience "is receiving messages in thought form from another frequency or realm in a normal state of consciousness. It is considered a form of channeling. It is the ability to hear things not audible within normal hearing ranges. Clairaudience may refer not to actual perception of sound, but may instead indicate impressions of the "inner mental ear" similar to the way many people think words without having auditory impressions. But it may also refer to actual perception of sounds such as voices, tones, or noises which are not apparent to other humans or to recording equipment."

Clairsentience is the ability to feel and capture information through sensations or "clear feeling." "Clairsentients receive a lot of guidance through their intuition, gut feelings, and hunches and messages through their heart and emotions."

Claircognizance means clear knowing. A claircognizant knows, without knowing how he knows. According to Doreen Virtue that how "Divine wisdom enters our mind to serve the world."

A single trait or a combination of all of the above extra sensory talents, are usually part of a healer's repertoire of gifts.

As a practicing distance energy healer, and a medical intuitive, I am often asked;
What do I need to learn in order to amplify and intensify my natural healing abilities,
or, I think I might be a healer now what do I do
or, I've been told in a reading that I am a healer, how do I find out how to be one?

There are many courses for energy healers, Dr Judith Orloff's, intuitive healing is one of the forerunners in this field as are Barbara Brennan's and Carolyn Myss's classes, Donna Eden's Energy Medicine courses, or Soul Mind Body Medicine with Dr Sha's Power Healing. Vibrational medicine, Quantum Touch, Reiki, Therapeutic touch, Cellular cleansing, and a multitude of other methods are available to awaken the remembrance of your healing abilities

In the workshops that I teach and in most intuitive and energy healing classes you learn the basics:

How to protect yourself from energy drains
How to protect yourself from being overly sensitive to your client's conditions
How to direct your energy as a clear conduit
Learn to connect to and trust your inner knowing for diagnosis and working with clients
Learn to heighten your intuitive abilities

No matter what methodology (books, seminars, lectures, workshops, individual lessons, etc) you use to awaken your natural gifts, don't neglect your soul's calling. Every soul contributes to humanity whether person by person or as an alternative practitioner in your chosen field (i.e. the one that resonates with you). You may try many different approaches and techniques until you determine the one that feels just right. You may have a multitude of talents, choose which ones you want to use in this incarnation.

Alternative health care and alternative medicine is combining with traditional medicine at a rapid rate and that combination is called integrative medicine. It’s the new mind body connection.

So before you write off those empathetic feelings, and strange sensory sensations as being "crazy," (even though you feel in your gut that you came here to help others) I suggest that you take an intuitive or intuitive energy healing class. You'll probably meet other individuals who have felt the same way and have the same "calling." It will be a relief and give you great inner peace and satisfaction to know that you are not "crazy" and that instead, you are a highly gifted and talented soul who has come to serve mankind.

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Medical Intuitive, Distance Energy Healing
ATL, GA Phone: 404.242.9022 USA
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Author's Bio: 

B Brent Atwater, American: 1947- artist, painter, visionary, healer, author and philanthropist.

Brent Atwater is a peer reviewed and respected, documented and published renowned international medical intuitive and distant energy healer who collaborates and works with the worlds leading doctors, researchers and medical facilities. Her work establishes evidence based research that creates and documents the bridging of traditional and alternative healthcare into integrative medicine.

Having successfully licensed her artwork for 30+ years, B. Atwater is one of the contemporary American artists/ painters that is bringing forth a new cultural renaissance by blending her classical artistic training with spirituality and energy merged and infused into paintings.
Brent's award winning art compels and seduces your emotions into a palpable experience with her subject matter; sometimes beautiful or fragile, at times haunting or humorous with attitude, most times healing, inspiring or profound, and always thought provoking!
Her paintings mirror the spirit and soul of her subjects, creating intimacy, personal awareness, and shared experiences within each viewer.
The enticing energy, evocative coloration, and diversified styles of her paintings make Brent's art highly sought after by patrons and collectors around the globe.

Atwater is an art medicine pioneer in the USA by scientifically documenting the healing energy, diagnostic abilities and healing benefits of her healing art- Paintings That Heal™, and Healing Art for Children™.

As a philanthropist, Brent founded the Just Plain Love™ Charitable Trust to benefit Children and other worthwhile causes. She authors and illustrates her Just Plain Love™ Children's Books, that turn negatives of illness into positives!