We always have a choice to be big or small, to operate from our higher selves or our egos. We can let our fears, inadequacies, judgments and smallness dominate or we can let our inner knowing, truth, trust and bigness lead the way.

It’s a choice between dropping down to lower vibrations of scarcity and lack or stepping up to higher energies of abundance and fullness. The core of who we really are; our eternal essence that we came into our physical bodies with when we were born, is big and brilliant and knows how to live a life full of ease, freedom and joy. It’s just a matter of getting our ego’s and small selves out of the way.

There are many experiences in life that will trigger our insecurities and shake our sense of self, but these are opportunities to rise up and transcend our old ways of reacting. When we are centered within our bigger selves, we tune into our true power and access our highest information. From this place we can create whatever we want in life.

Insightful Questions to Ponder:

• Where have you been operating from lately, your small self or bigger self? How do you know when you are feeling big versus small – what are the mental, physical, emotional, spiritual and behavioural cues?

• How does your life flow when you are living from a place of bigness? How does it flow when your ego or smallness is dominating?

• What would it take to put your ego in the back seat and let your big self lead your life? What supports you in staying in your bigness?

Inspirational Exercises to Use:

• Take a moment to connect to your true bigger self. Close your eyes and bring your awareness into the center of your head, a couple of inches past your forehead. From this place, create a clear dot of gold energy and let it expand and fill your whole head, moving out anything that is not from your highest self. Let this gold energy flow down through your whole body, clearing out any feelings of scarcity or smallness by releasing it down into the earth. Say hello to who you really are and feel your true essence. Open your eyes and view your surroundings from this bigger perspective.

• Become aware of what supports you in feeling big, certain and positive. It may be positive affirmations, uplifting music, inspirational books, optimistic people, nature, animals, mediation, playful or creative activities, or whatever you can think of that lifts you to a higher energy. Find ways to bring more of these into your life (and do less of what brings you down).

• The next time you are triggered into feelings of fear, doubt, guilt or anything small, choose to shift your perspective to a higher viewpoint. Remember who you really are and how powerful you are when you operate from your bigger self.

Author's Bio: 

Gini Grey is a Transformational Coach and Author of the book "From Chaos to Calm" and the CD "Create What You Want in Your Life". For more articles visit http://www.ginigrey.com