Levels of work based stress and depression are at an all time high. The pursuit of money and affluence in the western world is a defining characteristic but despite increased wealth, happiness seems to be at an all time low.

Workers are putting in long hours (government research shows that 1 in 6 people are working more than 60 hours per week) and many are faced with a long commute home at either end of their work day. This can either be in bumper to bumper traffic or on hot, stuffy, overfilled trains and buses that have no air-conditioning and are inevitably late. Some don’t even turn up!

Many people complain of hating their jobs either due to boredom, lack of motivation, not getting on with their boss or colleagues and sometimes due to bullying.

Food prices continue to spiral as do mortgages and rents, particularly in the capital cities. Credit card debt is also at an all time high as people continue to live beyond their means acquiring the latest gadgets like plasma TVs, i-phones, expensive fashion and holidays. The anxiety related to trying to get ahead in this modern world doesn’t help contribute to satisfaction at work. Workers often feel that they are overworked and underpaid. They often don’t feel valued for the effort they are putting in.

The day of mothers staying home to look after their children is almost unheard of. The cost of living being what it is, the majority of women cannot afford to stay home any more to look after their children even if they want to. Unfortunately though, child care is very expensive and often much of their income is whittled away paying for someone else to mind their children. This also adds huge stress to the family as women are tired after working a long day but shopping, cooking, cleaning, washing and general household duties still have to be done.

Many people have also been affected by the current financial downturn and, even if they still have their jobs, feelings of anxiety aren’t uncommon among employees who worry if their company will be the next to start downsizing. Many companies which are downsizing seem to be targeting their middle management levels first. These people often have large mortgages, school age children and credit card debt and can suddenly be faced with a bleak outlook unless they can manage to secure more work quickly.

The Happy Planet Index, an alternate way of measuring the well-being of people, finds that once a person has reached an income of the minimum wage, then happiness does not go up relative to a higher income. The majority of people, when asked, will state that they hate their jobs and only go to work to pay their bills.

Not surprisingly, the emergence of home based businesses, many internet based, are proving to be extremely popular and are expanding explosively globally. Very attractive compensation plans, some of which include a residual income stream, as well as support and training seem to many to be a better option than the uncertain, dog eat dog corporate world especially in today’s financial climate. The flexibility of working around children and household commitments while earning an income is something more and more people are opting for. The stress of commuting, getting home late and not being there for the family are not part of the equation in these jobs.

A word of caution though - thorough research needs to be done especially as there are many scams advertised on the internet. Real home based businesses are businesses and do require effort. They aren’t get rich quick schemes.

What these businesses do promote though is a sense of family and community and a sense of perspective and balance in people’s lives. Stress associated with commuting, job security and juggling family commitments isn’t an issue. It is family, friends and leisure activities combined with a less stressful work environment that make people happy and more content.

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