When people make a shift from eating more meat they often choose soy. The reason they choose soy is because they are told that they need protein and the only way to get protein is via meat products and soy.
The truth about soy is that is has been in our processed food products since the 1960’s and we are “over soyed”. Ok so that’s not a word, but we really have had too much soy in our diets over the past 40 years.

Once our body gets saturated with a product it then creates an intolerance to that product. Even if it’s supposed to be good for you, our body will say – enough. The outer effects of getting too much of anything becomes an allergy that is difficult to pin down.

Facts about soy you need to know:

1. Caustic Chemicals: Soy protein isolate is the primary ingredient in soy. And - unless it's organic - it's treated with hexane, a caustic chemical.

2.Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs): Exposure to Almost all soy is genetically modified.

3. Proper Growth & Development: Because of soy's high phytate content, the use of soy-based baby formulas has been known to cause a zinc deficiency in infants. In addition to zinc's involvement in more than 100 enzymes in the body, it is essential for normal growth and development.

4. Thyroid Function: Soy contains goitrogens - chemicals that have been found to impair thyroid function. The thyroid, a part of the endocrine system, affects weight, metabolism, mood, and the functioning of other endocrine organs.

5. Exposure to Heavy Metals: The aluminum content of soy formula is 10 times greater than milk-based formula and 100 times greater than unprocessed milk. Aluminum's potential toxic effects range from kidney failure in infants to Alzheimer's in adults.

6. Estrogen Exposure: It is estimated that infants fed exclusively soy-based formula receive an estrogen dose equivalent to five birth control pills daily. Taking birth control pills and eating soy for your protein creates bloat in the cells. Bloated cells lead to more emotional disruption.

I have worked with many women who have had extended menstrual cycles where their physician told them they needed to have a hysterectomy. One of the discoveries during the work with these women is that each one took a LOT of soy in their diet. The first thing we did was eliminate the soy completely. Next we used Paramitas Energy Healing, then had them include superfoods 3 times daily. Meditation was key to their body getting healthy more quickly. The results with each client have included no hysterectomies, ease with sleeping and getting rest, more energy, joint pain gone, and many other wonderful results.

Think before you eat soy, read the labels of your food. Decide to learn more about how you get protein from other food sources. Those other sources include plants – fruits and vegetables. Work with a qualified Energy Healing practitioner who has experience with all aspects of healing, including food, plants, herbs, biomechanics, breath and meditation. I look forward to helping you achieve your optimal health through Energetic Solutions.

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