During our moments of deepest despair or danger, isn’t it true we sense a presence “looking out” for us? Somehow it makes an appearance by bringing our attention to what is important. It can show up by grace entering your mind and body during moments of self-doubt and fear. And it usually appears in creative ways we least expect.

As time goes on I seem to be more in tune with these energies and perhaps the presence of angels. I describe them as marvelous confirmations that strengthen my connection with my source energy. I feel a presence through tingling sensations over my body or even tapping on my forehead and face. Yes, I will at last admit this to everyone, when I get off-track with my thinking (negativity, unforgiving ideas, self-deprecation) I feel entities present who literally pump in feelings of safety and peace. And then I sit up and notice what's important - like an angelic wake-up call.

Of course, it's easy to rationalize away such occurrences, as they can be attributed to any number of natural phenomena (even though there have been many spiritual teachers who have walked our planet and reminded us of the presence of angels!) For all who have difficulty believing in the angelic realm, take a look at real people who inspire you. You can sense the angelic presence surrounding and emanating from them.

Angel Power is Everywhere

At a retreat in Colorado, I had the privilege of experiencing sharing a week with Sai Maa Lakshmi Devi, founder of Humanity in Unity. She is a living master, a spiritual teacher whose entire purpose is to awaken humanity's capability to express divine love in action. Sai Maa emanates Shakti power and allows all in her presence to experience a deep sense of profound love and forgiveness. I showed up with self-doubt and worry on my sleeve, wishing to return home with answers on just about all topics ranging from “why are we here?” to “why am I in this line of work?” I was filled with enough angst to fill the entire auditorium that week, questioning my ability to empower others.

For years, I had been teaching people to release the past and awaken to their potential. When a heart is opened, it can then be filled with buckets of love. In the process, we allow ourselves to grow into a vision of authenticity and raise the collective consciousness. I don’t recall ever taking that course at The University of Michigan, so I questioned my purpose.

While there, I met Reverend Sandra Moore, a New Thought minister from California from the Center for Universal Truth www.centerfortruth.org who encouraged me to stay on my work-path. It was at this retreat I learned of Sandy's teenage daughter Tara, who died suddenly in a car accident, and how that led to Sandy's and Kirk's work in the ministry. Their story of Tara, and the presence of angels among us, is nothing short of phenomenal. I was lead to their book, Tara’s Angels, and spent the week with Sandy sorting out our ideas of service, gaining clarity in the process. The support I received from her will last me many lifetimes.

Was it simply human kindness and serendipity? I no longer believe that, because when we ask for support, we do receive it, from many resources, human, angelic, and Divine. The universal mind does bind us together, answering our calls of distress and discouragement – in ways we cannot imagine. Sai Maa created the channel for love and support to flow that week, but it appeared in ways I did not expect. Remember, love flows from more avenues that we can imagine, as long as we are open to its receipt. Well-designed can make an appearance in our lives only if we are perceptive enough to notice.

Angels Guide Us Toward Solutions

Often I have been guided to solutions and ideas through the presence of angels. No matter what image of the Divine, wisdom tradition, or philosophy we subscribe to, there is a timeless presence and source binding us together. This presence emanates loving encouragement in raising the collective consciousnesses. As Doreen Virtue says, through our earth-experience, we are bringing our angels closer to us in order to invoke our higher self's loving essence. And that, my friends, is yet another fabulous way to increase our faith and trust in the universe – and in the presence of God.

There are always angels who will lead you to a path of greater self-understanding. But do not forget your earth-angels as well – those beloved teachers who write books, inspire you through talk radio, encourage good health, or show you something about yourself for your own self-development. Don’t forget the stranger sitting next to you may be there for a reason. It doesn’t matter if God’s presence is from this realm or another. Pay attention! In your quiet moments, thank them for the gifts they bring to enhance your journey.

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