Not being one who quotes the Bible, gimme some slack. Mathews: 25:32-33.
It says, the Sheep are given eternal life, but the Goats are cast into the Lake
of Fire.

The Goats have some personality traits somebody up there does not like.
They are capricious, arbitrary, and erratic, plus flighty, inconsistent and
mercurial. So far they sound like folks I like to hang with.

In the field Goats poke their heads through fences and mind other people’s
(sheep) business. They can stand upright on their hind legs to grab those
out of reach tender leaves. People who do that are called speculators,
promoters or inventors.

Sheep love the safety and security of fences, Goats are burglars who figure
out how to open the gate and escape. People like that are certain to be uninhibited.


The term gregarious is never used for Goats, it means belonging to a flock
or a herd, being sociable, and liking the company of your peers. Sheep, oh yeah.
Goats? Not a chance in the slaughterhouse.

Animals we like, horses, and Elsie the Cow and her calves, and even wolves clown around together, but you’ll never catch a William Goat (Billy) socializing at parties.
Goats are natural born leaders or they just go off on their own independently.

Give a Goat a Bad Name

Meat packers figured out Goats are smarter than Border Collies, and work for
the labels on tin cans. They trained Goats to move sheep into pens, and then to the
slaughterhouse to fulfill their destinies and receive their just-desserts.

Judas got a bad rap for taking the alleged 30 pieces of silver for giving up his pal,
J.C. The most recent Biblical research exonerates Judas, but that’s a different
goat’s tail. Some banana gave the name, Judas Goat to an entire species of
mammals for following his/her instincts and helping farmers.

The Goat has a quieting influence on Sheep because like people, particularly
Russians, Sheep must have someone in charge to tell them where to go and what to do. Why insult them for being Influentials, convincing leaders who pave the way for the group destiny?


A Goat, unlike his constituents the Sheep, follows his/her own lead, not the shepherd. So our Goat is an unsettling influence. Independence is disparaged
in Western society too, and dissenters and contrarians have their heads chopped
for not following the leadership (government).

Let’s honor the Goat for his attitude and behaviors, not hang an insulting moniker
like Judas Goat on him.

The Slaughterhouse

At the last second after leading the sheep to slaughter, the supervising Goat is allowed to escape by a side-gate. Shouldn’t he be rewarded with a chocolate chip cookie or his freedom? Was it the Goat’s idea to kill the Sheep as food for Homo

Back to the Bible

If a Christian is unpredictable, independent, and considers him/herself above it all,
do they do the Lake of Fire dance? Is it the Devil who makes some of us want to
take over and be leaders or our human instincts?

I remember my 4th grade report card, my parents freaked when the sentence checked off read, “your son cannot play well with others.” Still cannot, and need
my privacy and personal space. Wouldn’t change a thing if I could.

The Goat does not want to be led; he will lead, but is grateful to be left alone. We both have mastered the ability to enjoy our own company, set our own goals, and dance to a tune only we can hear.

Is the Goat or the human dissenter/contrarian going to change?

Nah. We go out own way and keep a fire-retardant suit handy to reject one last time, the voice and verdict of our Master. Your damn Lake of Fire don’t scare
the likes of the Goat and Us.

We cool miscreants have a vast experience in contrarianism. We mostly accept full responsibility for our actions without too much self-pity, self-importance, and human fears. Like Avis, We Try Harder.

Let the Goody-Too-Shoes, (suck-ups) bums follow the easy path of conformity. We trek the path less traveled, but offering greater fun. It’s our nature, huh?
You can have your way with the Sheep, but Master or Devil, Get Thee way-behind me, and my Goat ways.


If you wish to be independent and a Billy-Goat, we suggest you be smarter than the
Sheep. How? Read three (3) books, articles and reports in the time your peers
can hardly finish one. What else? Double your long-term memory. Ask us how
to get started being a Billy-Goat, and not a Sheep.

See ya

copyright © 2008
H. Bernard Wechsler

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Author of Speed Reading For Professionals,
business partner of Evelyn Wood, creator of
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the White House staffs of four U.S. Presidents.