I attended a Personal Mastery Program recently and there were many other people there, who like myself attend seminars and conferences to gain more knowledge so they too can improve their lives.

However, it's not the knowledge that makes the difference, it's the application of that knowledge.

Are you one of those people who regularly attends events to learn more, get all hyped up and excited on the actual day, write a book full of notes and proclaim to everyone in earshot that "this is it! I have found the magic pill that will transform my business and my life"?

What do you do after that? Do you return home still excited, promising yourself that you will implement what you've learned? Do you stay excited for another couple of days, 'get busy' and then do nothing? Or do you return home, excited, plan when you'll take action and actually do it?

Here are some useful tips you can use so that you do something with the knowledge. Because if you do nothing with what you learn, the time, money and energy that you have invested to attend have been a total waste.


1. Read your notes immediately after the event or within 24 hours.

2. Summarise the ideas to take action on.

3. Number each idea with No. 1 next to the highest priority and continue until each idea has a number next to it.

4. Get your diary and plan time to action idea No. 1.

5. Do the same with the rest.

6. Then just do it!


The key to implementing this knowledge is all in the planning.
When working out when you will take action on each idea, be realistic with timeframes.

I find that the majority of people do not follow through because they underestimate the amount of time it takes to get things done and end up being overwhelmed.

They then put all their intentions into the "too hard, can't be bothered, I'm too busy" category and move on to another seminar for further motivation and newfound knowledge.

Unfortunately, the cycle continues and they become educated derelicts.

Attending the event is the easy part. Taking the action is much harder.


Always allow time afterward to assimilate the ideas and plan in your diary the actions you will take. It's the small steps that you take consistently which will make the difference.

Remember "inch by inch, it's a cinch, yard by yard is too hard".
It's the one percent improvements which will make a huge impact overall in your business and your personal life.

Take action on what you learn because "to know and not to do, is not to know".

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