Ever wonder when your spouse leaves for work if that is real destination? Have you felt distance and uneasy for no reason? Are you experiencing guilt not trusting your mate? Chances are you also feel a great sense of denial as well. I am right?

Client after client asks me for advice. I'm a private investigator with a background in psychology and have over forty years of handling "Domestic cases" as we refer to them. I've taken a real hard look at why, how, when, where and who are cheating on their lovers. It’s also motivated me that I share my years of real life investigative experience with millions who ask "Are You Cheating Me?" My expertise has landed me on Dr. Phil several times.

Having solved over 2000 cases of infidelity I know what you are going through, but more importantly than that, I care. I handle each case with great interest and concern. It has put me in many a dangerous situation. Others give up or lie to clients when they come up “empty-handed”. Not me, I get the proof! I take pride knowing my efforts made a difference. Kids don’t share a “new daddy” on weekends. We get a court order to stop that! They are the real victims and I see it.

With all this experience what can I share with you to change your life? First off, facts make the difference. Setting aside any emotions (and I don't say that lightly) you need evidence. Suspicions and warning signs only get you so far. That’s where the investigator comes into play. You call us when you have them and countless warning signs are not necessary to know that something is wrong at home. Ultimately you must have proof! Don’t become masters at infidelity; just acquire evidence that tells your story for years to come, especially in family law courtrooms. I testify in them often armed with video tapes, photographs and affidavits. You need an expert like me to change your future. That’s where it really matter. Any facts, witnesses, photographs, video, love letters, emails, recorded conversations and such insure your chances of ending the deception.

Wasting your time playing detective can harm your chances and cost you financially. You may have a very short window of opportunity to prove your case. So don’t holdup. Warning signs contribute to your knowledge of the condition - are you being cheated - but evidence rules. Get focused and determined to know more about the facts - then closure will be your friend. I can show you how. Visit me at www.sevendaydetective.com.

Author's Bio: 

Bill has over forty five years experience in the investigative industry. He has been featured on Dr. Phil, Fox News – Hannity and Colmes, NBC Today, CBS The Early Show, WB The Larry Elder Show, WJZ (Baltimore, MD), WBNG and WIVT (Binghamton, NY) and featured in Chicago Tribune, Press & Sun Bulletin, New Jersey Herald and Esquire. He contributed to the Dr. Phil Show episode entitled “Why Men Cheat” and appeared on May 10th, 2005 in a segment entitled “Cheaters Caught on Tape.” Bill has been a featured radio show guests countless times across the USA and abroad.

In 1978 Bill was responsible for solving the FBI’s first major computer crime and his efforts were heralded in Time Magazine. Bill’s father was a Special Agent with the Federal Bureau of Investigation under the directorship of J. Edgar Hoover. Bill held Security Manager positions both RCA and General Electric. He achieved a Facility Security Officer Certification through the Department of Defense.

Bill received a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology from Mt. St. Mary’s University, Emmitsburg, Maryland. In addition he received specialized training through Dektor Counterintelligence, Department of Defense, New Jersey State Police and American Society for Industrial Security. He is a member of South Carolina Association of Legal Investigators, National Association of Investigative Specialists and South Carolina Retail Task Force.