If you have been trying to use The Law of Attraction, but somehow, no matter how hard you try, it doesn’t seem to be working, maybe as Yoda says, “There is no try, there is only do.” We have all had situations where we tried, tried, and tried again, and what we were trying to do, just wouldn’t come together.

Sometimes what we were trying to create wasn’t really the best thing for us, or perhaps we just pushed away what we wanted. By the very act of trying so hard, we got in our own way and actually sabotaged our efforts. Think how uncomfortable we feel around someone who is making such an intense effort to influence us that we start moving away from them. People in sales, especially new people, are often so uncomfortable with themselves that they energetically push people away. When we sense the desperation in others, it comes up in ourselves, and we back off. The universe responds exactly the same way, when we try to push the river by working hard to make things happen, or when we worry, we send out the same desperate energy, and we push things out of our grasp.

A friend of mine and I had been practicing The Law of Attraction for decades, and we had reached a very l o n g dry spell. We read every wonderful book in the field, we said our affirmations relentlessly, and we complained about how, “affirmations worked for everyone else, but they just didn’t seem to work for us.” We just didn’t understand how we could have been educating ourselves for so long, practicing what we preached, and believing with all our hearts, but not, apparently, with our right brain, theta level thinking. We were unconscious incompetents. We didn’t know what we didn’t know.

Of course things were happening, just not what we thought we had asked for. We were producing results, but with a faulty process we were producing what we didn’t want, rather than what we did want. During the three years of our discussions, we at least became conscious incompetents, realizing that rather than being inadequate or undeserving, we were using a faulty system.

When we are in the unconscious incompetency stage of a process, we are definitely creating, our fear, our poverty, our scarcity thinking, our stress. Our worry doesn’t come from no where, it comes from the same emotional and neurological process that we can alternately use to create what we want.

So the goal became to learn how to be conscious competents. We needed to find the right way to do affirmations, or perhaps find a new method, a new approach to affirming our desires. We needed to find the missing link.

When we are out of work, under-employed, underpaid, in an unfulfilling relationship, angry, unforgiving, we are the unhappy creators of these situations. We are the creators of our own universe. When we are practicing the Law of Attraction, we are producing exactly what we are unconsciously asking for. We are often creating from negative emotions like fear, and we are getting exactly what we have asked for.

So our goal was to do better, gain clarity, know what we wanted, and find that missing link in the process. We needed to find out what we weren’t doing in our process of affirmations, besides the fact that we were unconsciously affirming for failure.

We found that missing link, the process that makes it all better, that helps us create what we want, rather than what we don’t want. We found the words and the process that changed our lives. The process is called, The One Command, and it is a simple, easy process that brings us to the realization of our existing mastery. The One Command is one simple statement that gets the attention of our greater capacity and brings forth all that we desire.

Becoming a conscious competent in the process takes all of, well, about 10 minutes. After 3 years of worrying and complaining about why our affirmations weren’t working, we found the key, opened the door, and changed our lives. You can play in this field of dreams as well.

Dr. Katie

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