Almost every person knows someone or has a family member with diabetes. The diets of many increase the odds for this disease. The American Diabetes Association in there 2007 ADA statement estimates 17.5 million Americans have been diagnosed with diabetes. Another 7 million Americans are undiagnosed. The ADA also estimates the yearly cost to be $174 billion. This is a staggering $11,744 per year in related costs to the individual with diabetes.

Diabetes can lead to severe complications. Blindness, heart disease, lower limb amputation and kidney damage are just a few of the major complications. The sad part of this disease is that more than half of the people in a pre-diabetes type II condition could correct their conditions with healthy diet and exercise. A healthy diet and exercise can also reduce the complication that may occur in people with diabetes. Creating a life around healthy foods and daily exercise is a must to reduce the risks associated with diabetes.

Eating a healthy diet is sometimes difficult with the types of foods that are offered in the American society. High fat high carbohydrates seem to be the quick and the cheap. Americans always seem to be in a hurry so this type of diet fits right in. The cost of eating healthy is sometimes a challenge for people with low or fixed incomes. Take a look at the cost of a salad compared to the high fat 99 cent menu at the standard fast food drive up. Any item that has low fat, low carb or healthy on the label seem to cost more than the regular item. But if everyone would look at the $11,744 per year cost associated with diabetes it may help justify the additional cost of a healthier diet.

Proper exercise has become commercialized and unreal expectations are trying to be achieved. Then finding time to follow the new exercise fads of the month is difficult. Again we are back to the fast paced life style many of us Americans live. Many believe that the club or gym is the only answer. But again we are dealing with time and money. For most with diabetes a long walk or light exercise at home may make all the difference that is needed.

Too many people don’t think that complications will happen to them. So they push the limits with foods, over weight, not enough exercise and not spending the money for medications. Then the life style sets back in and before they know it the complication start. At this point it may be too late. Many of the complications of diabetes may make it difficult to exercise or control their blood sugar level as before.

I am a diabetic with type II diabetes and I have found a life style change that is keeping my diabetes in check. I slip from time to time but I continue to create a life style and don’t look at it as a big issue. Prior to being diagnosed my weight had fluctuated over fifty pounds. I would lose it and then gain it back and then lose and then gain.

I set a New Year resolution one year to change my life style and get my health in control. I continually told myself I was going to weight 190 and live a healthy life style. By June I started to have eye sight problems and gastrointestinal problems. But I continually keep telling myself I was going to get healthy. In September I was diagnosed with diabetes. When I was in with my endocrinologist he told me that if I did everything he told me, I would be healthier and fit than I ever had. Bam like a ton of bricks! My affirmations came true.

A year later I am living a healthier and better life than I had. I have lost 65 pounds. I have reduced my medications to almost nothing. Diabetes forced me to live a healthier life. If I had only changed my life style 5 years earlier I may have never been diagnosed with diabetes.

I exercise three times a week in my home, I control what I eat and not to any extreme and take a special nutritional supplement. This is a basic lifestyle change and not some radical change that makes it impossible. Make the change workable, achievable and you too can have a healthy lifestyle. This should be for everyone not just people suffering from diabetes.

Take a look at your fast paced lifestyle and see if your are headed down the same path as me. Now may be the time to take control.

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I am a diabetic and have found a successful plan that is controlling my diabetes. I am always willing to share my success and plan with others in hopes to provide some help.

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