Many times people have difficulty using the Law of Attraction effectively when it comes to finances. The problem is universal. You don’t believe you have enough money! So what better thing to use the Law of Attraction on? Unfortunately, many people end up calling scarcity to their lies because they don’t look at the true root behind their financial lacks.

First of all, look at your beliefs about money. I don’t mean your desire for more, I mean answer a few questions.

1) What did you parents teach you about money as a child?
2) What beliefs are still with you?
3) What beliefs need to be altered?

Now this isn’t a “down with mom and dad” article! By no means—I love my parents. But, these questions need to be addressed. Your parents probably did the best they could, but some of their ideas may not be applicable today. For example, I was never a part of my parent’s money-making plans. They believed my “job” was to get straight A’s and do well in school. I never understood how hard my parents worked for what they had. Then when I was 21 and on my own, I suddenly found myself wondering why money wasn’t “just there” like it always had been when living with them. I lived paycheck to paycheck and wondered why I didn’t have money to do whatever I wanted like they did. They never helped me make the connection between “doing things” and “money.” It was a lesson I had to sit down and learn for myself.

It’s this kind of belief that is useful. Now that I know what my parents, out of love, tried to shield me from, I realize that it wasn’t necessarily realistic. I want my children to understand savings and working and reaping the benefits of making the right financial decisions. Sometimes digging back to your beliefs can be a key to understanding why you handle money the way you do. It’s here where we can reprogram our thoughts to benefit us. Once I realized what my belief was—the prevailing disconnect—I began focusing on the correlation between money and work. Look at what your beliefs and see if they need to be altered. Delve into where they came from and explore them.

Secondly, ask yourself what you’re truly focused on when it comes to money on a daily basis. If you’re focused on not having enough money, then there’s the issue. Focusing on lack, will bring more lack. That’s basic Law of Attraction principle—what you focus on, expands. If you want to turn your lack into abundance, you have to train your mind to focus on the positive. For example, I have a friend who is a single mom and continuously complains about not having enough money. If you ask her, “How are you?” her response is, “Broke!” Where do you think her thinking will get her in terms of the Law of Attraction? You got it—broke!

You need to learn how to train your mind to think positive. Be grateful. Be genuinely thankful for what you have, even if you think you need more. Don’t focus on the “needing more”. Focus on being positive and grateful.

Finally, if you’re having difficulty using the Law of Attraction, try scaling down your desires. Now I’m not talking about settling, but what I’m talking about is making your requests more reasonable to your mind. Instead of asking for $10,000 a month in income, try asking for an additional $100 to pay bills. Then when you see that happen, try asking for an additional $200 to pay a utility. The key here is to start small, let things happen and use their happenings as encouragement. The bottom line is, when we ask for huge goals, we sometimes have deep-seeded beliefs that they are next-to impossible. That deep-seeded belief is what is going to stifle them from happening. Although you’re saying “I am bringing $10,000 into my life”, your inner thought may be “This is a huge goal and I’d be amazed if this happened.” Your inner thought is what’s going to dictate the outcome. That’s why I suggest starting small. Although your inner-dialogue may not truly believe you can bring $10,000 into your life, it may believe that $100 is relatively innocuous and much more likely to happen. Start there and let that build your inner-beliefs until they are truly understanding that there is no difference between $100 and $100,000 to the Universe. (On a side note: I studied as a mathematician in college and always say, “The only difference between $100 and $100,000 is a bunch of zeroes. And to the Universe, mathematically a ‘bunch of zeros’ equals nothing.”)

So give your beliefs some review and see how you can change your inner-dialogue. Don’t continue to attract lack! Reorganize your focus and start to truly bring abundance into your life!

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