Are You Optimizing Your Website and Internet Presence?

Today internet presence for most companies is common place. Many companies and businesses still find that their website is not getting the traffic that they would expect or maybe they expected that the traffic would automatically come, because you have what you perceive to be a great website.

Part of building your brand strategy is understanding, the marketing of your online presence or new media campaign that compliments the traditional campaign, you may currently have already put into place. Search Engine Optimization is the first place to start. The true definition of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) can be stated as a highly specialized process of building a successful website. We say successful because if a commercial website cannot be found in the major search engines, it is not successful, it just isn't doing its job. SEO directly addresses the need for a website to attract new and targeted visitors, who in turn will convert into buying customers.
Fact: About 90% of all new visitors to a web site found it using the major search engines such as Google or, search directories such as Yahoo!

The uniqueness of search engine marketing is that search engine traffic is highly targeted. That's because potential buyers who find your products, business or services through search engines are looking for your products and services on their own, so they are predisposed to hear your marketing message. You can’t find a more qualified prospect than that.

So how does one go about doing that? Depending on your goals, it can be a full time effort that needs to be done consistently overtime and requires regular maintenance. This is due to the dynamic ever changing world of the search engines. But it isn’t impossible, even with the billions of sites that are out there already. Ultimately the bottom line to SEO is good content, popular inbound links, and good design which includes an easily spiderable website. Spiders are the how search engines ‘read’ your website. If the spider can’t easily ‘read’ your site, then your chances of coming up in the rankings are virtually nil.

OEM has made the commitment to online marketing with the SEO of their website. The website will be launched this week and is now positioned through great comprehensive content, popular inbound links, good design and many other features, an easily spiderable website. We urge all of you to visit to see the newly search engine optimized site. There is a Lean Forum message board where we hope you will all participate and share your Lean thoughts and thinking. Better yet take a look at your own site and and ask yourself if it is a Google grabber!

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Nicole’s PR, marketing and communications experience and expertise is focused around brand development. She produces memorable (WOW! Comment from satisfied clients.) projects that assist in growing a brand.

Her passion is rooted in brand strategy development, communications, and marketing program development, competitive analysis, sponsorships, publicity, web-site development and production, events and product launches.

Her flair is in strategy and execution to transform products and services into a powerful brand, to create cohesive objectives to reach target markets and to strategically position the brand in the competitive market place.

Nicole Mckinney's marketing and communications firm bcad Group specializes in unique solutions dedicated to building and creating brands. We believe business strategy is marketing strategy. Our job as a marketing group is to connect. We want to work with our partners to build marketing and branding practices around ideas that drive business opportunitites. By working with our business partners sharing risk and reward, we strive to bring cultural insights, communication processes and products together with an entrepreneurial vision while manufacturing expertise, distribution might and R&D skills to develop a business idea. Ultimately we are building upon ideas and creating the channels, the strategy and the pathways to fortify relationships with each and every person in a way that is meaningful and mindful of how they live their lives.