Some one suggested to me that world war III might be on the horizon, and that got me thinking. Then I remembered a quote:

I know not with what weapons World War III will be fought, but World War IV will be fought with sticks and stones. - Albert Einstein

That also got me thinking, and then a question popped up in my head - are we really ready?

If Einstein is right about world war IV then I think it’s safe and sad to say we are going to get severely spanked.

How can I say such a thing, easy in 1914 40-50% of the British and American recruits were turned away because they were deemed unfit for duty. On a side note the medics at that time concluded it was the introduction of processed grains and other processed crap into the recruits diet that caused them to fall short on the Armies fitness and health quota, that’s why cereal companies have to fortify there cereals with synthetic minerals and vitamins otherwise they are not allowed to sell them. Again man screws with nature and in an attempt to rectify the situation just adds more chemicals, wonderful.

Now compare a present day average British male to a male from 1914 and I think you will see a vast difference in physical and mental health.

I don’t want to appear sexist but if this war fought by sticks and stones does happen, it would be up to the males to step up to the plate, if they can get off the couch, and fight.

Look at the males around your office, can you imagine. We will have to have special packs of Prozac, blood pressure medications and triple shot lattes just to keep them going.

Starbucks will have special front line outlets catering for the caffeine addictions of our soldiers.

I once ran to catch a bus, was not looking where I was going and ran into a man with a sizeable gut and was bounced 10ft in the air straight onto oncoming traffic if it was not for my cat like reflexes and the quick reactions of the Taxi driver I might not have made it. These are our only weapons, beer guts and coffee.

America has the highest rates for cancer and heart disease, Australia has the highest rates for obesity and the United Kingdom has the highest rates of rheumatic problems. Fantastic so the countries that spend the most money on there medical equipment, if joined alliances could only produce an army full of stiff joint, on the verge of a heart attack, dying fat soldiers. Well that is truly astounding.

The Russians and the eastern Europeans are going to bitch slap us all over the dam place. There attack will probably be led by the animal that is Mariuz Pudzianowski. We will have no chance.

The worlds strongest man and possibly your future ruler.

You think Prince Charles would stand a chance.

The kids now our the ones who should worry. There taking the brunt of this I need drugs to live, where is my coffee, exercising is a luxury not a necessity and there’s not enough hours in the day mentality. Seriously, I’m worried, you got kids dying from medical problems before there parents, suffering from frigging RSI from playing computer games, 1 in 10 have taken anti depressants and a lot of them look like they would find it easier to roll to school then to walk. Can you imagine how there kids are going to turn out.

I remember Charles Atlas suggesting that there our certain physical feats that every human being should be able to do. He called these feats, “life savers”. Qualities you may need in a life and death situation. If I remember correctly everyone should be able to swim a 1/4 of a mile, perform 20 push ups, 15 dips, 15 pull ups, jump over waist height and run 200m flat out without having a heart attack. Sounds like a warm up to me. But to the average British male that’s a 999 call.

Ask yourself do I have the “lifesaver” strength that Charles Atlas mentions or am I just as weak as an arthritic, fat Grandma who has forgotten to take her anti depression meds.

If you don’t want yourself or your kids to have to learn “yes master” in Polish then put down the Latte and the muffin, take the neurotoxic, adhd promoter (fizzy drink) away from your kid and go to the gym, park or where ever and get training, before its to late.

Author's Bio: 

I have been a Personal Trainer for 6 years. Am currently traveling Asia on a spiritual journey whilst studying various Martial Arts along the way.

I am looking for motivated individuals wanting to make positive changes to their life through exercise and nutrition.