Are you like most of the people I talk to about nutrition? - Do you think:

- You will get all the nutrition your body needs simply by eating a well balanced diet?
- Supplements are all the same so you should look for discounts?
- The more nutrients they cram into a pill the better?
- If 20 mg of Vitamin C is good then 200 mg is better?
- If the nutrient I need is listed on the label my body will use it?

Unfortunately there are a lot of misconceptions about supplementation. As a result you may be wasting your money on supplements which are not as effective as you have been led to believe.

Have you ever bought Life Insurance and asked your agent which product is best and why? Did you understand their explanation?

Buying Health Supplements is much the same and I know how confusing it can be. The nutrition industry is huge and many companies take advantage of people’s lack of knowledge, to sell them products they either don’t need or are unable to use.

If you want to improve your overall health but are unsure of what your next step should be then…

This article will help you

Don’t get “Taken In” by fancy labels or promises of “mega dose” vitamin results. More does not mean better.

After you read this article, you will understand that by including five simple elements in your selection process you will be able to select supplements which will do your body the most good.

Your first step, before purchasing any health supplement, is to ensure they meet the following.

  1. Guaranteed Cellular Delivery

This is probably something you would never think of. After all, if you take a supplement, your body should put the nutrients contained in it to work. Shouldn’t it?

The truth of the matter is that a nutrient will have no effect on your health if it isn’t delivered to the tissues where it is needed in a format that your body both can recognize and absorb.

This is the difference between consumption and digestion.

Without a delivery process the nutrients in the supplements you take will simply pass through your system having no effect whatsoever. Many discount supplements you see in stores suffer from this problem. In some extreme cases, you may even experience undesirable results.

If you are like me I am sure you are always looking around for a good bargain but …

Let me ask you, would you rather pay $20 for a supplement that your body simply eliminates, or $25 for a supplement that will be put to good use in improving your health?

If you would rather save the $5.00, how has that been working for you so far?

Although the more expensive supplement is the obvious choice, it is extremely hard to ignore our “basic need” to find the bargain, especially when we are looking at consumable products. Unfortunately, in the case of nutrition, cheapest is usually not the best option.

Does this make sense to you so far?

So you have found a supplement that has addressed the delivery issue but does it …

  • Obey the Laws of Nature?
  • Don’t get caught by the Hype of current “Buzz” products. When science discovers a relationship between some nutrient/food and our health, there always seems to be an influx of new products trying to capitalize on it’s perceived health benefits.

    Many companies are quick to take advantage of our fears and/or health concerns by slapping together products with nutrients that we are told have positive results in studies or research.

    Most of the time, in their effort to be first on the market, these companies use synthetic ingredients and harmful processes to formulate a quick, easy and cheap product which can be mass produced and on the shelves while the topic is still fresh in your mind.

    In order to accomplish this they develop their formulations using:

    - heat which destroys many vitamins, enzymes and phytonutrients
    - “Dead” rather than “Live” nutrients because they are cheaper
    - Chemical concoctions rather than Natural because they are easier to preserve

    As a “Rule-of-Thumb” you should always make sure you select supplements that use 100 percent natural, whole food ingredients in their formulation. This will ensure that the supplements you take are…

  • Holistic
  • I am sure you have heard of this concept however it needs repeating as we often forget it when we are concentrating on supplements to help with a particular health problem or condition.

    Think of supplementation as a “Team Effort”. No one ingredient works independently and it is extremely important to make sure that the formulations you take include all the essential co-factors to ensure a synergistic interaction.

    It simply means that nutrients “partner up” with each other and work together to attain results. Most vitamins and minerals are totally ineffective unless accompanied by certain co-factors which enable them to accomplish the wonderful results they are known for.

    Unfortunately, everything I have said so far is of no value unless you …

  • Choose Supplements Based on Your Needs
  • What results are you looking for? What does your body need?

    To often we rush out to buy the latest craze in health supplements because the market “tells” us we need to.

    We are talking about cellular nutrition here. This means we “feed” our cells the nutrients they need to maintain health and ward off disease and harmful invaders. If your cells do not “need” the nutrient you are taking, your body will simply eliminate them unused from your system. Wouldn’t that be a waste?

    But you ask, how do I know if I need it?

    This is a question that some times can not be answered directly. If you are not feeling healthy it may be easy to determine where to look for assistance but what do you do if you feel fine?

    What if you are only one bug away from a health crisis and don’t know it?

    In order to arm yourself with the nutrients your body needs for optimum health, look at what you are missing due to lifestyle factors and environmental conditions.

    As a rule of thumb, there are only five nutritional supplements your body needs on a daily basis to maintain health, however, if you are already experiencing a challenge, you may need to consider other supplementation.

    I go into much greater detail on my website so check out the link at the bottom of this article if you would like to explore this topic further.

    If you have made it this far you have completed the hard work. Now for the easy part.

    The supplement you are considering appears to meet the first four “Elements of Nutrition” but how can you be sure what you have read in the literature/brochure is valid?

    This leads us to the final step in your selection process which is to …

  • Choose supplements that are backed by Patents and Research
  • Are you sending someone else’s kids to college?

    How do you know if the products you are purchasing are backed by sound science rather than the desire for profit?

    Some companies actually conduct their own research. Some companies consider the conclusions of leading experts in the field and do their best to bring you the most scientifically advanced products.

    We can’t all be experts in the field of nutrition but thankfully, we do have experts to assist us to make a sound decision on the products we put in our bodies.

    Protecting Your Family’s Health is Worth the Extra Effort.

    I am confident that these steps will assist you to make the right choice.

    For more information along with my recommendations, I invite you to visit me at

    Until then, so long, and good health!


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