For the past three years I have struggled. I mean really struggled. I couldn’t figure out what I was doing wrong. I had built a very profitable business before. One that grew quickly and bloomed into a beautiful success. So what was wrong this time? Why couldn't I match that success again?

The harder I tried the more I struggled. I looked back to see what type of marketing I did before and tried to match those efforts, but to no avail. It seemed I was doomed for failure.

When the first of the year came around I really started doing some deep soul searching. I took long walks and spent time in meditation. It finally came to me! Actually I think spirit had been nudging me all along but I kept ignoring the signals. You see, I had invested so much time and energy into my business and I am not a quitter!

But I am an entrepreneur I reminded myself and one of the key traits of being an entrepreneur is knowing when to let go, knowing when it’s time to move in another direction. When I finally realized that the problem was simply that I was out of alignment with my business the solution came easy.

So what does that mean to be out of alignment with your business? It simply means that when your beliefs, your values and your mission are not in alignment with your target market your business will not flow. That is exactly where I found myself. I felt like I was stuck in quicksand and suddenly someone reached in and pulled me out.

I didn’t have to ditch my whole business plan. Most of it was aligned perfectly. My values, beliefs and mission and aligned perfectly. I was marketing to the wrong people. No wonder they couldn’t hear me! My target market was not the big corporations but the individual like you and me. Entrepreneurs and people wanting to go into business for themselves are my ideal clients. They are usually open to change and a new approach. Once I got my business balanced I began flowing down the river of success.

Author's Bio: 

Kathryn Watson is a Business and Life Coach. Her focus is on helping people relax into their perfect business.She specializes in clients who are healing arts practitioners. Along with coaching she also teaches meditation and life balance skills. She works with entrepreneurs and those who are interested in owning their own business. You may contact Kathryn at