Whether new to business and commercial life or an old war horse of many campaigns it could be worthwhile checking to see if you are doling out ANGER STAMPS by the book full.

Without you knowing some of your most vital employees may be about to cash in their ANGER STAMPS having just collected enough books to ‘cash them in’.

Out of the blue with no warning they resign, by email. Result you lose a valuable member of your team who is a key player. OUCH!!!!!

You may think of yourself as a great communicator.

You may also believe that you have the oratory skills of Abraham Lincoln, Winston Churchill and Martin Luther King all rolled into one.

You could though be in love with the sound of your own voice and just be kidding yourself.

You may believe that those with whom you communicate most frequently are happy with your style of communication when in truth they are storing up pent up emotion and collecting masses of ANGER STMPS which you so freely distribute.

The explosive nature of an ANGER STAMP collectors’ outburst when they do decide to cash in their stamps can be quite a shock for those on the receiving end.

Let us look at an example which I witnessed personally just a few years ago:

A mature individual widely experienced in sales, sales management and marketing matters joins a young thrusting and vibrant IT company with a young red meat eating CEO.

The new appointee is on a consultancy contract and is only taken on because of his relevant experience, skill set and success record.

However once the new boy begins to operate within the company he discovers that there are certain ‘rules’ set up by the CEO. Now most of there ‘rules’ seem sensible and offer no difficulty for the new boy. Some though are felt to be irksome and unnecessary.

Oh! And by the way, none of the ‘rules’ are to apply to the CEO himself. They are only for those he perceives as underlings (which includes other board members) to abide by.

A corporate script has developed over the few years the company has been in existence and the company is run as though it were a Victorian Cotton Mill with the mill owner, (the CEO) barking out ‘orders’ to one and all and expecting immediate submissive responses from all company employees, including fellow directors.

Now the new boy has some success in his role and new business is flowing in as the direct result of his marketing and sales skills.

However despite the personal success the new boy is experiencing he is becoming more and more incensed by the style of the CEO, to whom he reports directly.

Eventually the new boy has amassed enough books full of ANGER STAMPS to select the top value item from the catalogue.

Not wishing to face a violent verbal outburst he send a personal email to the CEO resigning his position.

Result, everyone loses.

Then the whole scenario will be repeated again and again with the successive staff replacements. True some may last longer than others but the ongoing cost to the company is unseen profit seepage is immense.

So maybe it could be a good idea for you to check on your own track record.

Just how many anger stamps have you freely given away today???????

Author's Bio: 

Malcolm Milligan involved in Sales, Marketing and Human Resource issues for over 40 years. Personally helped many hundreds develop their careers in sales and sales management. A DISC behavioural profiling text writer and author of numerous articles on DISC profiling techniques. Author of 'How to Master Your Destiny' a home study personal development course available from www.e-trainme.com Recruitment and selection specialising in the selection process designed to cut staff turnover and increase human element effectiveness www.themsm.com Currently finalising the development of a TeamFacilitate an online management tool to help overcome team inertia.