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The Steps You Must Take to Escape the Rat Race Before You Get Fired or Pension Scammed

Brain-based Learning

People learn in a variety of ways, and not two people learn in the same way. A business coach, or success coach, must have at least some basic knowledge that he or she can demonstrate and articulate well before attempting to coach anyone. A success gurus

Burns (1995, p99) considers learning as a relatively permanent change in behaviour, this includes both observable the physiology of your learners, and their mental activities, attitude, and emotions.

All of us have different ways of learning, we all use strategic way to learn something, sometimes we use auditory to truly comprehend what we are learning, other times, we use visual, kinesthetic or all of them, but each individual has their own way of learning, failure to recognize these intelligences, can lead to disorientation and misinterpretation of how you and others learn.

So when you attend a success seminar or when you are coached by a business person, make sure they understand your learning style, or you must identify your learning style, and let the coach know about it. If the coach is literate in the psychology of learning, they must design a lesson or session that meets your learning style, so that you accelerate your learning. When hiring a coach, make sure the coach explains to you, and articulate the following categories involve in learning.

• Sensory stimulation theory
• Reinforcement theory
• Cognitive-Gestalt approaches
• Holistic learning theory
• Facilitation theory
• Experiential learning
• Action learning
• Adult learning (Andragogy)

You can learn anything, because you are born with a brain that is designed to learn, and it has a powerful processor. Unfortunately, if you were exposed to brain saboteurs, such as abusive parents, teachers, colleagues or friends, your learning may have been inhibited, discouraged, and sabotaged your cognitive processor by punishment, intimidation, negative criticism, indoctrination, and therefore you may suffer a mild or severe cognitive closure.

Please note: years of abuse or brain washing cannot be entangled in one or two coaching sessions, especially with adults whose belief systems is cemented firmly, find it hard to let go, even when they are trying to rid themselves from debilitating concepts they brought up with. So, if they are very skeptical, and reluctant to make any change, please be patient, understand and empathize with those individuals

The good news is that brain learns using all components of the nervous system, including all sensory tools, such as hearing, seeing, smelling, tasting, touching, intuiting, and movement physiology, for which makes learning fun when it connect to all sensory patterns of our nervous system. The nucleus principles of brain-based learning state that:

1. The brain is a parallel processor, meaning it can perform several activities at once, like tasting and smelling. Like playing the piano and leading an intellectual debate at the same time.
2. Learning connects the whole physiology.
3. The search for meaning is intrinsic.
4. The search for meaning comes through patterning.
5. Emotions are critical to patterning.
6. The brain processes wholes and parts simultaneously.
7. Learning involves both focused attention and peripheral perception.
8. Learning involves both conscious and unconscious processes.
9. We have two types of memory: spatial and rote.
10. We understand best when facts are embedded in natural, spatial memory.
11. Learning is enhanced by challenge and inhibited by threat.
12. Each brain is unique.
Multiple Intelligences


Howard Gardner states that there are seven ways that motivate or accelerate learning, namely, perceiving, and comprehending the world. Each individual uses a distinct 'intelligence' that lead an individual to solve a problem

Howard Gardner defines" intelligence" as a group of abilities that:
Is somewhat autonomous from other human capacities
Has a core set of information-processing operations
Has a distinct history in the stages of development we each pass through
Has plausible roots in evolutionary history

Howard Gardner identifies the following seven criteria intelligences:

1. Verbal-Linguistic--The ability to use words and language
2. Logical-Mathematical--The capacity for inductive and deductive thinking and reasoning, as well as the use of numbers and the recognition of abstract patterns
3. Visual-Spatial--The ability to visualize objects and spatial dimensions, and create internal images and pictures
4. Body-Kinesthetic--The wisdom of the body and the ability to control physical motion
5. Musical-Rhythmic--The ability to recognize tonal patterns and sounds, as well as a sensitivity to rhythms and beats
6. Interpersonal--The capacity for person-to-person communications and relationships
7. Intrapersonal--The spiritual, inner states of being, self-reflection, and awareness

So, if you enrol in any success or business course, and you don't even know your particular learning style, or particular intelligence criteria, or if your coach doesn't know either, how the hell, do you think you will learn anything, no wonder why 95 percent of people who attend success seminars, ever make it to the finish line of success.

Assessment is absolutely crucial to identify your learning style, your learners learning style if you are a teacher, coach or therapist, comprehend the criteria of your intelligences before committing to any success or business coaching.

In the next chapters, you will absolutely be empowered by using the exercises based on cognitive and neuropsychology that no other business book, no other success book teaches you the map of your learning constructs.

Howard Gardner, Frames of Mind: The Theory of Multiple Intelligences.

In summary, you can "speed up" your learning by comprehending, basic scientific insights of brain function in the area of learning, your learning style, your criteria intelligence, by composing yourself in an adequate, pleasant, and relaxed receptive state of mind and by taking one 'bite' of knowledge at the time.

By doing so, you involve both the left and right sides of your brain. Therefore, you put the information you collected into practice with ease, and confidence, because you are truly learning, and by learning, I mean comprehending the various pieces of your related desired goals.

Please do take care during your learning journey. Involve hand and brain when reading by taking notes during each chapter, may I kindly suggest that you read the whole book at once, if you can, then, please try to read one chapter a week, take notes, ask questions, and find answers within.

It is my heart felt wish that you take learning seriously, and succeed in your self employment journey, which is going to be both challenging and rewarding.

I am afraid we have come to the end of this chapter, thank you for taking the time to read. please look out for the next chapter of the book entitled 'The Psychology of Rapid Self-Employment Achievement Plan, Personal Development, Fitness & Diet Achievement Guide Under One Roof'

The Steps You Must Take to Escape the Rat Race Before You Get Fired or Pension Scammed

Please take care in your search of knowledge, wisdom, and affluence

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