Articles writing and submitting to articles directories have been proven to be a very effective way to improve Search Engines’ rankings. Webmasters can benefit threefold:
- Links placed in the article listed in the articles directory, and leading to their websites, count highly for SEO ranking purposes, as one way back links.
- The same links lead readers to the website concerned, thus delivering a totally free traffic.
- Articles are republished on other websites, providing still more back-links and visitors.

With these proven SEO benefits, who really cares about what the article is about?
From the author’s perspective, what matters is that the required keyword density is maintained. Awareness of the Latent Semantic Indexing rules by the writer will even further “endear” the article in the eyes of Search Engines. The result: a first page position in organic search results, and a strong flow of traffic to the webmasters website.
So, where does integrity fit here?

Articles directories do their best to filter out submissions that contain unacceptable content, as described in their terms of use. However, it’s not impossible for an article that contains nothing but a self-serving mish mash of words and paragraphs to get published; especially in the case of small directories. And the end result? In the best case scenario, readers annoyed by a hardly comprehensible compilation of “keywords” and fillers. In the worst case, an absurd “advice” carried on a wave of hype and a beat up.

What if, there was a way of measuring how “integrous” the article is, prior to its inclusion in the directory? Providing a uniform method of calibrating the level of raw truth, specific to any piece of writing, would certainly protect readers from being exposed to the deleterious content, masking as “authoritative information.
“Articles Well”, the first assured integrity articles directory is the solution.

Here’s how it works. All submitted articles have their Level Of Consciousness (LOC) calibrated, according to the principles developed by Dr David R. Hawkins, M.D. Ph.D. The LOC result greater than 200 indicates the prevalence of truth. Below that, a lack of integrity and propagation of falsehood. The process of calibration is based on scientific discoveries in kinesiology, and is totally free of any magic, supernatural or trickery. In fact most people, after perfecting the skill, can do the calibration process anywhere and anytime. This simple technique, answers what we humans ask so often: true or false.

On the LOC scale, truth resides between 200 and 1000 - the maximum result for any human. Below 200, right down to a 0, the truth is absent and the content lacks integrity. No writing that calibrates at the latter range will be accepted for publication in “Articles Well”. For the directory’s visitors and subscribers, it means an assurance that the content they read benefits them, rather than hurts.
Accessing free content, no longer means accepting exposure to the inferior and biased information. The message drawn from “Articles Well” is pure.

Author's Bio: 

Content sourcing and distribution, particularly articles for SEO, are Sam Ness’ passion and profession.
His “Articles Well” directory is the first one offering assured integrity content online.