When you step onto the Skyview Hovercraft in Disney World's Tomorrowland, you're treated to a message that goes something like this: "Hi there, friends, this is Mr. Johnson with the Skyview Hovercraft Disney World, bringing you the latest Tomorrowland traffic report. As usual, everything is perfect on Tomorrowland's superhighway."

I've known several people who worked for Disney, all the way from people who worked during their senior year in high school to people who actually helped them design Disney World, Las Vegas and some of the attractions there, and obviously in Orlando.

Here's the whole story. It is show business. And you know what that means? Show business doesn't mean that there are no events happening. What it means is that everything is behind the scenes. All the adventures are behind the scenes.

And when it's time to go on, everybody's happy and everything is perfect. Now, we're talking about you creating an image with your business, what we call the USP, or the unique selling proposition. You are the best person in the world who can do whatever you say it is you can do that makes your services so unique. And you just always stay with that. That never varies.

You don't let people know when you're hurt. You don't let people know anything other than, as Mr. Johnson says in the Skyview Hovercraft, "As usual, everything is perfect on Tomorrowland's superhighway." And it's perfect in the world that you create, that your customers enter into also.

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