In the course of my work, I ran a lovely Faery Wisdom workshop recently. I do love running those. They're a real treat for me, and people seem to go away inspired by what they find too. During the workshop we use guided meditations and oracle cards to help us find our 'wisdom', and one of the exercises I like to do before we 'choose' our card is to 'connect to our hearts'. As usual, when you run these things you don't always have time to practise what you preach and it's not an exercise I've done much lately. However, one of the participants reminded me, once again, just how powerful an exercise it can be when you're unsure of what direction to take or which choice to make.

Basically it involves putting our attention in the place where our brain is and asking ourselves if we could have anything to eat that we wanted right now without fear of calories or whatever, what would it be? We take the first thing that comes to mind and share it with the group. The answers usually range from 'chocolate' to 'cream cakes' and all sorts of goodies! Then we take our attention down the place where our heart is (round about the middle of our chest) and ask the same question and listen for an answer (again taking the first thing that comes to mind.) Normally the answers are quite different! Salads, carrots, fruit and such are usually the answers we get. It's always interesting to note the difference between what our head says it wants and what our heart says it wants.

I'd forgotten about this exercise, and when I was having trouble figuring out why I wasn't manifesting a special Cosmic Order I'd been working on for some time, I decided to give it a try again. I asked my heart if I really wanted the things I'd ordered. My heart said 'no'. This was a complete revelation to me! I'd spent years working on something that I thought was dear to my heart and I now find that I never really wanted it at all! For me this is wonderful, because I've now been able to modify my ideas and thoughts to take me in a new direction. It's not that I'm giving up on my original order; I'm just changing it around a little. And when I asked about this new order, my heart gave a resounding 'yes'! So now I can be sure that it will manifest because it is in alignment with my real hopes and dreams, and not just what my head thinks it wants.

So why not try it for yourself? Whenever you've a choice or decision to make, don't rely on your head – ask your heart instead. If you do this regularly for small things, you'll get to know how well it works, and then, when you've a big decision to make, all you need to do is ask your heart.

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