Goal setting works within the context of conscious manifestation. An important aspect of goal-setting is releasing attachment to outcome.

Releasing attachment is one of the least understood aspects of conscious manifestation. Many people who teach goal setting will advise you to focus intently on the form that your achievement will take, down to the tiniest detail. However, if you focus too much on the form of your goal, you’ll be engaging your ego. And your ego can sabotage the realization of your dreams.

The ego is the part of you that gets trapped in the illusion of form. It is mesmerized by surface level reality and therefore has no power to shift things at the vibrational level, the level where reality is created. Your ego is the part of you that makes you feel anxious, and worries about whether things will go the way you want them to go. And it generates frustration, fear or anger when life doesn’t happen according to its plan. This is not the aspect of yourself that you want to engage in your goal setting, but that’s exactly what will happen if you don’t know how to release attachment to outcome.

One of the simplest ways to learn releasing attachment is a process I call vibrational goal setting. We’ll talk about that in the next article. Meanwhile, try this practice for letting go: Imagine you’re holding the outcome you want in your clenched hands. Slowly begin to release your attachment by opening your fingers, one by one. Open your hands and surrender the outcome to the Divine, or to Cosmic Energy, or the Great Space. Repeat as needed.

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Kimberly Schneider, M.Ed., J.D., LPC is the creator of the Cornucopia Method of Manifestation (TM), a powerful, proven five step process to help people create more of what they want (and less of what they don't). She is the author of Beyond Abundance: A Home Study Course on the Cornucopia Method of Manifestation and the forthcoming book MORE. Kimberly facilitates Mastermind programs and Transformational Live Events for conscious entrepreneurs and other out-of-the-box individuals. Kimberly is a lawyer, counselor, poet, writer, spiritual adventurer, world traveler, alchemist, wife and mother to 2 extraordinary children--one of whom has special needs. She awakens people to the wonder of existence and the joy of expressing the Essential Self through meaningful work. Request Kimberly’s FREE Conscious Life Creation e-course and find out “Why the Secret Isn’t Working and what you can do about it” at TheManifestationMaven.com or check out her free 5 Day Audio Course at TheFiveManifestationSecrets.com.