Happy Hour: TGIF-thank goodness it’s Friday! We all work hard for a living and occasionally it is time to let down our golden locks and release some steam on a Friday afternoon. We have our paycheck in hand; cash deposited in the account and when the crew decides to have a little celebration in honor of the beginning of the weekend - let’s get the party started!

For many of us, a weekend equates into two days without work, two days of freedom and time to have a get-together to celebrate the end of our work week. Super idea; release some steam, hang out with friends, laugh, giggle, and relish in your free time away from the hustle and bustle of your weekday requirements. Not for one moment does this health and wellness program suggest in any way, shape or form you deny yourself of any of life’s pleasures. Not for one second does this program coach you into depriving yourself of joy and happy times spent with friends and you will be thrilled to know that attending happy hour is no different. There are, however, steps you can take to ensure your week’s hard work and dedication are not banished during a Friday afternoon gathering.

1.Fuel your body with a few healthy options before attending the Friday festivities.

2.Do not allow yourself to arrive at the occasion famished.

3.Drink plenty of water prior to arriving and during your get-together.

4.Before walking into your party, meditate for a moment and acknowledge that you are in control.

5.Enter the room with this thought in mind “everything in moderation, nothing is off limits.”

6.Inspect the buffet table before choosing any hor’deurves and then proceed with discipline.

7.Alcohol impairs your judgment which can lead to overeating. Also, alcohol is usually loaded with calories and offers no nutrients. Drink wisely.

So the next time you are asked to join the crew, hang out and shoot the breeze away from your work place, jump at the chance to socialize and be sure to keep the above suggestions in mind to predominate a social event and allow yourself to participate in the festivities in a controlled, healthy manner. And as always, do not drive a car or operate any machinery when you have been drinking or ride in a car with anyone that has been drinking. Catch a cab or call a friend. Be safe!

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It is my complete and utter honor to help women work towards their goals and dreams of a living a more balanced, lighter, happier life.

I look forward to coaching every Lovely Lady that comes in to my life. During which I inspire them, motivate them, and lead them down a prosperous path towards greater health and wellbeing. It thrills me to get an opportunity to help Lovely Ladies work toward their health and wellness goals. Together we make a difference! Real Women, Real Action, Real Results!