Pills for stop-smoking treatment flood the news as millions of smokers who want to quit search for a cure.

There is a new wonder pill that newspapers are getting very excited about. And the highly-acclaimed clinical research says it worked for about 50% of the cases. Great!

Hold on a minute...

That is actually about a 50% failure rate!

Would you really call something that has only a 50/50 chance of working a Wonder Drug, a Miracle Cure?

Yet not only do many hapless smokers fall for this hype, but all these Wonder Drugs have side effects.

A newly-emerging field rapidly gaining recognition is that of Energy Psychology. This involves removing the psychological reasons why someone smokes plus re-balancing the body for a long lasting result free from side-effects.

So where are the figures, I hear you say?

Most stop-smoking Energy Psychology therapists are self-employed private therapists who simply do not have the financial means to run clinical research to prove their success rate. Nor the huge PR budgets of the pharmaceutical giants.

Many successful natural stop-smoking practitioners report success rates within the 70-95% range for ex-smokers staying stopped a year after the treatment.

And you do not have to believe everything they say. Let us say for the sake of argument, that these stop smoking practitioners were lying through their teeth. Let us assume that their figures were only 50%. Guess what? That would make their treatment better than the Wonder Pill because it delivered the same result without the side-effects. Interesting thought indeed.

Another thing that should alert the reader of more Wonder Pill hype is the absence of guarantees. Many natural stop-smoking practitioners are happy to back their treatment up by a guaranteed support or full money-back guarantee. Now where do you see the pharmaceuticals doing the same?

There are many ways to stop smoking. Hypnotherapy, Energy Psychology (EFT being the most popular), NLP, pills, patches, gum, and acupuncture, to name a few. Whichever method works for you or those you care about is great. And if maximum results can be achieved with minimum disruption to your body, all the better.

With a little effort and commitment, it can be enjoyable controlling your need for nicotine in one neat little package. EFT, short for Emotional Freedom Techniques, is an excellent way of freedom from any addictive craving. EFT involves releasing emotional blocks in your path using a specialized method of gently stimulating the acupressure meridians. Your effort and commitment comes from doing self-EFT or working with an experienced EFT practitioner. You may even be pleasantly surprised to find the work pleasant and relaxing overall.

Think about it. If you are used to reaching out for a drug, such as nicotine, it will be an effort in comparison to do anything else at first. After all, if the nicotine worked for you for so long, I respect that. But maybe you are reading this because you know it is not a sustainable situation.

Take some time for yourself. With the help of EFT, you can, perhaps for the first time ever, truly be in control. One step at a time, you can get there.

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