Many network marketers have looked for an attraction marketing formula, something they can use as a step-by-step guide to both understanding and implementing these strategies into their network marketing promotions.

There has been an enormous amount of information in the past couple of years about attraction marketing and why it's so important to be using to attract prospects into your leads funnel.

While the renegade blueprint initially surfaced in 2007 and many took advantage of there are a large number of MLMers looking to utilize the power of the internet to create a consistent flow of prospetcs into their business.

Attraction Marketing Manifesto

Attraction marketing revolves around the ability to receive targeted leads. More importantly, these prospects are actually seeking you out for more information. How is this different from the old school off line methods?

Well, there is no chasing or harassing family and friends. There is no hit and miss prospecting meaning that rejection is kept to a minimum. Rejection is possibly the biggest killer for network marketers who will usually take the only alternative and abandon their businesses rather hear a constant stream of "no, I'm not interested."

The beauty of attraction marketing is these are the people you avoid. In fact, you place your message in front of people who actually want to hear it. From there, instead of hitting them with a sales pitch, you provide them with education and training; stuff they can use to build their business with.

The process doesn't start and end with simply getting a prospect to come to you. Consider this scenario...two marketers use the same attraction marketing principles to get a prospect. One hits them with a sales pitch almost immediately. The other instead gives them an article marketing training resource or a report of getting the best results from web 2 or instructions on how to create a blog and promote it.

Which one would you be drawn to? It's a no contest. Definitely the second. And don't you think the second marketer would have a devoted follower who in time, may even want to join them in business simply because they are more interested in helping them with growing their business rather than pitching them with a sales message and trying to get them to part with their money?

But an attraction marketer's manifesto that provides a how to is still sorely needed and the next phase in the whole attraction process.

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