When writing this attraction marketing review there were two things which immediately stood out as secrets which network marketers needed to understand if they want to put their lead generation marketing into overdrive.

In this article, we'll take a look at both of these strategies and if you implement them, get set for a turnaround in your prospect numbers for the better.

Attraction Marketing Review Tip #1

The first of these is to avoid blending in with the herd. In other words, getting your prospect's attention means providing a unique angle different to what everyone else is doing.

It's one of the biggest problems network marketers face in getting interest in their business. Many simply follow the company's marketing line, use the same materials, promote the same concepts and worst of all, all have a company generated website which means everyone basically has the same piece of online real estate.

Now consider this, when everyone else is promoting the exact same thing in the exact same way then how do you expect to get noticed? What makes your message any different or more enticing than the next marketer? Tbe truth is, it isn't and it's 99.9% certain that your message will just be lost among a sea of other messages all destined never to be discovered.

So you must offer something different than everyone else and one of the best ways to do this is to offer useful information simply directed at how to build a home business. So forget the same sales pitch everyone else is using.

Attraction Marketing Review Tip #2

The second strategy is to carve out your own unique niche within network marketing. In other words, don't try to be the recruiter, salesperson, marketer, product specialist etc. Attraction marketing online means there are any number of ways you can brand yourself.

Here are some examples. You could become the:

- blogging expert
- article marketing expert
- web 2 expert
- email marketing expert
- newsletter expert

Can you see how powerful this is? Instead of hitting a prospect with a blatant sales message teach them what you know about finding prospects using the niche you're concentrating on. Become laser targeted in in your prospecting and watch your numbers increase.

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