Every thought, word, feeling and action we express contains a vibration, and that vibration attracts other like vibrations. This is the Law of Attraction.

It is similar to the Law of Gravity, in the sense that it is a natural law that is always in effect, whether we are aware of it or not.

James Arthur Ray, philosopher, says, "Energy always was, always has been, and is always moving into form and out of form. We are all connected as one energy field." These concepts are taken from both spiritual and scientific views- yet the meaning of how energy works remains the same.

Likes attract likes. What we focus on is what we attract in our life. It's as simple as that. Is it simple to always attract what we want? If it were, all of us would be living with joy, enthusiasm and love every single moment.

Have you ever met anyone who has chronic physical ailments? What do they talk about? They talk about their aches and pains, their last surgery, or the doctor they are visiting. I don't wish to be without compassion. Everyone has physical problems at some point in their life.

On the other hand, do you know a person who is exceptionally healthy? They are full of energy and brimming with enthusiasm. What do they talk about? They probably relate their last trip in an exotic country, or their list of sports activities for the following weekend. They usually say something like, "I'm never sick." Or "I hardly ever get a cold."

My Dad played tennis until he was 83. Although he doesn't play tennis now, he still goes to the gym to workout and ride the stationary bicycle several times a week. He just turned 87.

We can learn to shift our intentions and our feelings- thus changing our life dramatically. We can do this NOW. Nothing in our past can hinder us from moving forward, while creating intentions in the Powerful Present Moment. Isn’t that an amazing truth?

The past cannot stop us from creating, as long as we focus on what inspires us now- while living and creating in the moment.

The point is, we attract what we deeply believe, speak about and act upon. I’ll give you an example. I can't tell you how many times I have heard phrases concerning relationships such as, "The other person never wants to commit!" Or, "My partners have always cheated on me, I don't trust them." What might be more exact is "I don't trust them, and therefore I attract partners who cheat on me."

The same holds true for other areas in our lives. Thoughts and feelings of struggle, frustration and little money, magnetize a lack of money. Thoughts and feelings reflecting ease and flow of money, abundance and inspiration, magnetize greater wealth and financial prosperity.

If we only look at current circumstances, without understanding that we are creators each minute of our life, we do not gain the power to change what limits us. If we are confused and lacking clarity about what we want, than confusion is what will show up.

It’s very easy for most of us to think that reality now is reality forever. It’s just not true. If present events are not what we would like to repeat in our life, we can focus and act upon a new and brighter vision, and our conditions will ultimately reflect that vision.

Our invisible thoughts and feelings today, attract our physical reality tomorrow, the next week or the next month.

What can you do to help this Law of Attraction work in your favor? Here are a few ideas, and I am sure you can add your own.

1. We can begin by appreciating what we are and what we have in our lives.
2. Focus on what we desire to attract and to experience daily
3. Be aware of how we are feeling, and gently shift from feeling bad to feeling better
4. Imagine ourselves living the circumstances we intend to create.
5. Follow our intuitive guidance and take action to realize those intentions.
6. Choose activities that we are passionate about. Try new ones that we have put on the back burner.
7. Form a support group of like minds and hearts. Affirm, visualize and center on inspiring goals together.

Our life is one big reflective mirror. What do we want to reflect? Love? Joy? Compassion? Beauty? Creativity? Integrity? Fulfillment? Abundance? We can attract whatever we desire. We have the power from within.

We are all powerful creators, without exception. With patience and practice, we can shape our dreams into reality.

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Marcie Hunt is a Power Your Life Coach. For fifteen years, Marcie has guided people to master the Law of Attraction, the Power of Intention, the Art of Allowing and other effective tools, to create financial prosperity and well-being.
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