Aura readings of people who are, actually, spiritually enlightened -- aren't these the perfect type of post to alternate with theoretical definitions?

Here spiritual readings trump theory; empathic merges or aura readings in particular are recommended to flesh out ideas about spirituality -- or what is really going on with political figures beneath the spin, or the un-fakeable truth about any person in any walk of life.

This is a point I aimed to make yesterday, in a different blog comment, part of our thread about reading the auras of Pope Benedict XVI (before and after becoming pope).

This was followed by aura reading of the pontiff three years into his papacy plus my savoring energy fields with President Bush as the "awesome" subject.

Either you can wax theoretical about such people or you can go directly into the (rather shocking) experience of what happens, literally, in those metaphysical body parts. That sparks a rather different kind of conversation.

Especially if you have done this brave thing -- and do check "Recent Comments" for more on that thread, including YOUR thoughts -- clearly you're due for upliftment. So let's read the fellow pictured above. Meet Jeffrey Chappell, his website and, soon, his aura.

In musical circles, he's midlist famous, which is saying a lot in the competitive world of classical music. You readers of Empowered by Empathy, audiobook edition, have heard him. The chimes in the background were composed and played by Jeffrey.

And, actually, one of the techniques in the book was inspired by him.

"The Heart Journey" is one of the TURN ON techniques for an empath. I discovered the technique, one day, hugging my friend Jeffrey. (Yes, there are advantages to being shorter than most adults. I come just up to the level of his heart.)

Pop! Suddenly there I was, inside his aura. And, let me tell you, it was very, most fascinatingly different from heart chakra of Rose. It was distinctively Emotional Life of Jeffrey Chappell.


Here come some databanks, which I'll read by using the Plug In Through Touch photo-reading technique in my latest book, "Read People Deeper."The photo used as a basis for the research is here.

Presence Entering a Room Databank at the Root Chakra

Years ago, Elvis may have left the building. But joy is alive in the concert all when you have Jeffrey Chappell. An ineffable flow-through of joy emanates from his presence. Picture your favorite carbonated beverage, pouring sparkle-bubbles like a cascading fountain.

Stay in his presence, or listen to one of his recordings, and you're gonna get dunked in bliss.

Performing Style Databank at the Throat Chakra

Heart, soul, and body all are involved in the performance. Joy is, once again, uppermost.

Interestingly, this databank is not about ego or "putting over a song" with oodles of personality. I think it's safe to predict that Mr. Chappell would quickly be eliminated on any show like American Idol.

His musical cleverness, bliss enhanced, is an expanding kind of auric display. It will match the size of the audience, so bring on the crowds for Jeffrey!
Intellectual Connection to Others Databank at the Solar Plexus Chakra

Curiosity and compassion predominate here. Jeffrey may have THE ANSWERS but he doesn't presume to know all the little ones.

Expression of Soul Databank at the High Heart Chakra

The integration of personal soul into life is seamless. As a human being, Jeffrey is really, really fulfilled. And I don't mean "fulfilled" in the manner of a man who has just dumped his boring old wife of 20 years for a newer, thinner model. This is an everyday, totally unflashy, very human quality of spontaneously fulfilling action.

Spiritual Connection Databank at the Third Eye Chakra

Joy dominates here, as usual. (Glad that quality doesn't get boring!)

At this databank, I find a crystal clear, truth finder's experience, where God is everywhere and Jeffrey is one with That. The experience is breathtakingly simple, actually.

Particularly notable, to me, is the absence of certain things in this enlightened third eye chakra:

•No ideology. Often people who work hard at their spiritual lives carry a big set of shoulds at the third eye, useful at one point of development but, ultimately, a blockage.
•No need to be right. By contrast, in the third eyes of fundamentalists (any religion) there is a smug sense of superiority, like the cover over a shroud.
•No depending on spirit guides or angels to do his thinking for him. The difference is important these days because psychic planes are different from spiritual planes, and psychic study is far more popular than mere seeking of spiritual enlightenment. Seeking guidance from angels, mediumship, channeling discarnate entities, etc., can keep someone amused and inspired for a lifetime; however this has nothing to do with becoming spiritually enlightened.


Stuff, so often found in an aura, is absent. Hmm, could that be one reason to have sessions of Aura Transformation?

Anything you do to remove stuff from your aura will help with the pursuit of self-realization.

Bliss. That's the real moral of this story. Read this enlightened aura -- choose any databank you like -- and you will find that same thing.

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