When the longest-serving Republican senator in history is indicted for corruption on seven charges, doesn't it make you long to read at least seven of his chakra databanks?

Oh, that's definitely what happens to me! And while we're at it, let's do compare-and-contrast aura readings of him when newly appointed, back in 1968.

My favorite part of the recent Stevens story involves certain little favors done him by Veco, an Alaska energy services company where, according to federal grand jury testimony, they "jacked up the senator's mountainside house on stilts and added a new first floor, with two bedrooms and a bathroom."

Now, that's the kind of free service that most people would have noticed. You can read more about the scandal here, but I'd rather go straight to his photos and learn directly from the photos' energy fields.

Everyone makes financial choices that, in turn, affect our auras, even those of us who don't get to oversee the Senate Appropriations Committee. Immediate and long-term consequences, both show.

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This is a current photograph,courtesy of the Herald Times Online from Bloomington, Indiana.

Let's add this comparison photograph,taken when Stevens was newly appointed to fill a vacant seat in the legislature. Stevens is the fellow on the right.

Our third photo seems to be relatively recent. I find it irresistible because it's such a great version of "Methinks the Senator doth protest too much." You don't need to be a Shakespeare scholar or professional aura reader to get the intended message:

*I'm friendly.
*I'm harmless.
*I'm just good old "Uncle Ted" (a popular nickname for the senator that I unearthed in my quest for photos).

And now... drumroll... here come the chakra databanks.


In 1968: Stevens has just the chops for his new job. Not a flashy, charismatic speaker, he still summons up power as a communicator because he can grasp complex issues, then summarize them with clarity.

Besides being truthful and intelligent, Stevens carries a great deal of idealism at this time in his career. There's something courtly and delicate about his speech, like a brave young knight gently riding his splendid new horse.

Now: Which animal comes to mind now, reading that databank? It's pure dragon. Layers of corruption lie as thick as scales. Self-justification has become a way of life to this very public man.

Posed as good old "Uncle Ted": Golly, the above-mentioned qualities are all present but what really blares out is the strong performance he gives, the very expertly projected facade about "I'm sweet, friendly old Uncle Ted." Successful actors, salespeople, and politicians -- they tend to be the best projectors of facades you'll find anywhere.


In 1968: Integrity scores high at this chakra databank as well.

I do find a couple of troubling patterns, however. There's a kind of noblesse oblige, as in, "We, of superior intelligence, will help out the little people." Furthermore, the young senator's aura here has a puppet-master quality, as if to say, "We'll give people what's good for them, we who deserve to walk the halls of power because of our superior wisdom and great benevolence."

Now: "You'll do this because I say so." The sense of entitlement is stunning. At the same time, Senator Stevens now has a short fuse. He expects to get what he wants and to get it now.

Posed as good old "Uncle Ted": In this databank, Stevens reminds me of a magician. And I don't mean the ability to make significant home improvements at the wave of his magic wand. You know how magicians perform with a mix of patter and chatter and quick hidden movements?

This is a very revealing photo because he is loading on the charm, doing his equivalent of a magic show for the public. The Power Integrity databank is pretty darned disgusting. And how appropriate that he's hiding it under those comfy crossed arms.


In 1968: It's the loveliest thing I've found so far, reading Stevens. Early in his senate career, there's a wonderful purity. He feels graced. He's reaching for truth. At this point, politics is a sacred calling for Senator Stevens. and he is beautifully open to inspiration.

Now: Thick layers of denial show poor choices compounded, year after year. He knows he could do better but clarity has become deeply buried. Deep inside is that young man with a spiritual connection but, for practical purposes, spiritual integrity is a lost cause.

Posed as good old "Uncle Ted": Qualities of ingratiation are added on to the scaly mess. Remember Brylcreem? The jingle used to proclaim "a little dab will do you." Alas, Senator Stevens has used more than a dab.


In 1968: Solid and financially responsible -- Stevens embodies Republican values at their finest.

Now: Personally, Stevens feels very identified with the moneyed establishment. Wealth R Us. Yes, the establishment's very best goodies belong to him. He is a major custodian, power broker, spokesman. I've got to tell you, as an empath doing a brief empath-merge, this feels great.

All you empaths and aura readers, at the end of this article I include an affirmation for cutting psychic ties. I urge you to use it. The particular quality of enjoyment you'll find by reading this databank, though entertaining, is definitely not good for you.

Posed as good old "Uncle Ted": Okay, this is the scariest part yet to the thrill ride called "Reading the aura of Senator Stevens." He has learned how to appeal to greed in others as a way to manipulate them.

What's shocking here is how enthusiastically he seduces, the relish. When Stevens turns on the charm, and promises wealth, there's very little he can't do -- at least, at the time of the photo. that's his pleasant conviction.


In 1968: Stevens feels comfortable in his own skin. He does his best in life and is rewarded with an enviable serenity.

Now: Competitiveness and effectiveness are laced with anger -- qualities like these have usurped the importance of boring old "peace of mind."

Posed as good old "Uncle Ted": "Of course, I have total peace of mind. If you get on board with me, you will prosper as well. Money is an excellent way to buy perfect peace of mind."


In 1968: Aw, young Stevens is a wee bit bashful. He doesn't relish public speaking or being photographed. But deep down he feels confident, because he's on the side of the angels politically and is doing the best job he can as a new state senator.

Now: Stevens displays the confidence of a man who has crushed his opponents. He has resources and powerful friends. Only fools would cross him.

No wonder he feels such an easy self-confidence.

Posed as good old "Uncle Ted": "Watch out," this databank seems to say. "I'm kindly now, but I can turn on you, so don't rouse my ire." Confidence doesn't begin to describe his sense of connection to many powerful men who enforce his slightest wishes.

Normally, human beings are like corporations where the human personality is the CEO and a hundred angels or more stand in attendance. For Senator Stevens, the angelic entourage is dwarfed by the abundance of human enforcers.


In 1968: It's beautifully connected, both soul and human striving and how he's positioned himself in life. So full of promise, it's achingly beautiful... especially in the light of what follows.

Now: "Don't change a thing." That is what his soul most wishes. He has been having such a great life, in the main. The integrity portions of his character are so well buried, they haven't murmured protest for years.

Posed as good old "Uncle Ted": Stevens would love to influence each and every constituent, every citizen of the world. "Choose money and go after what you want. Other people are weak. Let them fend for themselves."


Some of you may feel that this reading has been highly predicable, a familiar sad story. "Everyone knows" that power corrupts. What did you think Stevens' aura would read like, that of the young Jimmy Stewart play acting?

When I began this reading, I had no idea what the qualities would be. While I do any technique of Deeper Perception, I don't bring along my movie-viewing expectations. My reading is done innocently, in the moment.

But now that I'm reviewing this exercise in reading auras, I am reminded of an experience I had recently, facilitating Energy Release Regression Therapy for a client who cleared out frozen blocks from an incarnation where he, "Zeke," influenced political leaders to take the low road. The result? One blown-up planet. (And I'm not kidding.)

In that perpetrator life, Zeke would whisper advice based in greed and the desire to wield power.

Is there a trickier aspect of life on earth than dealing with power? Combined with greed, it can lead to a complete loss of integrity -- for which Senator Stevens, arms sweetly folded, could be the poster child.

Yet power in itself isn't bad, and for every poster adorned by the likes of Stevens, you can find thousands of images of sweet people, well meaning, who possess little or no personal power.

Purposely keeping themselves ultra-innocent, their slogan is, "Since power can do horrible things to a person's integrity, I'd rather have none."

In case you're tempted to take such a lesson from our reading of Senator Stevens, I would like to encourage you to choose something altogether different. CONNECT UP YOUR POWER TO ALIGN WITH YOUR LOVE AND YOUR LIGHT. WALK IN THAT.

With brave, bold actions of integrity -- not with sinister whispers -- may you go forth to carry great influence here at The Learning Planet.

Whatever conclusions you draw, feel free to comment at my blog.Also, how about some additional observations from you face readers and aura readers?

Before ending this article, let's cut psychic ties. All together now: I know that all psychic ties between myself and Senator Stevens and Rose Rosetree are cut, with God's help. Then, God, fill us all with your love and light, power and peace, so that we can receive as much of this as we wish.

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