Many holistic business owners tell me that when it comes to marketing, they feel unnatural and awkward. Yet marketing is an essential part of any business.

My focus today is not so much on marketing techniques, as on how to feel authentically yourself, while telling others what it is you do for a living. And I'll give you the bottom line. When I am authentically marketing, I am connecting with another person; not performing or selling. It's really that simple.

Regardless of the venue (print ad, expo, e-zine, teleclass, brochure, conversation), I am first and foremost connecting with my potential, ideal client. I'm asking questions and soliciting feedback to determine if we are a good match. I'm listening to determine if their problems can be solved by the solutions I offer.

Once that becomes clear, they will either slip away (and that's OK) or enthusiastically ask for more information! After all, I am offering to solve their problem.

As holistic entrepreneurs, most of us are very comfortable with the process of connecting. We know early on if we are a good fit, and if the service or product we provide will be welcomed. And in that space of connection, we are authentic.

Have you noticed that when you talk about the positive benefits other clients have experienced by working with you, that your confidence and passion become clearer? And you feel, well, authentic!

You're not selling; you're sharing honestly the good news about your product and service.

Here are a few more tips to build your confidence around marketing and increase your feeling of authenticity:

• Engage your potential client in conversation. Learn about them, their challenges and desires.

• Share your own experience and passion for what you do. As long as you are connected to your unique gift, your marketing will be authentic.

• Talk specifically about how your products and services have helped others. Results are what your client will buy, so it's important that you be clear on the specific benefit you offer.

• Include written testimonials in your marketing. Or, try the latest and use audio testimonial on your website. The praise of another, as long as it mentions specific benefits, can be a great client attraction tool.

And finally, give yourself permission to pursue marketing techniques that feel good to you! If, for example, public speaking is not your forte, then forget it! Not everyone needs to be a public speaker to market his or her services.

If writing gives you headaches, express yourself and tout your business by another means. If you want written content, the Internet is filled with articles by gifted writers, and available for free for your e-zine.

If you are still unsure of which marketing method is the most authentic for you, do a gut check. How do you feel before, during and after a marketing spot?

If the activity is an authentic match for you, you will feel inspired, enthused, confident, and connected to your audience!

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