When going through a devastating period in one's life, it is very easy to be conned; especially if you are having major financial difficulties.

Any half way decent psychic, Gypsy or not, will "psych" into your financial woes. And this is where you need to be especially careful.

The following is a list of some things to watch out for when getting a "Psychic Tarot Reading" or "Psychic Spiritual Reading".

1. Someone tells you, you are cursed.

2. Someone mentions you have bad luck.

3. Someone mentions any of your family, past or present, is or was cursed; or has bad luck.

4. You have to give them thousands of dollars so they can lift the bad luck or curse that was place on you or your family. Or anything similar to this.

If anything above is mentioned in your reading, please do not take them seriously. That person only see's an opportunity to take more of your money.

And if you have already experience this con, just keep away from that person. A lot of smart people have been taken by these con artist.

Laurie Michael

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Author's Bio: 

It was from her mother that Laurie Michael inherited her talent, and she has been intuitively helping family, friends and co-workers her entire life.

Laurie Michael has been reading Tarot cards for more than a decade, continually supplementing her natural-born Clairvoyance, Clairsentience and Clairaudience with ongoing research and practice of a variety of psychic divination techniques, including Numerology, Astrology, Akashic Records and Handwriting Analysis.