• Is a sixth sense and every one of us has experienced it on some level.
• Is a hunch or feeling; a deep inner knowing.
• Can be strengthened and exercised.
• Can come as your own voice in your head or that of another.
• Can come gently into your thoughts or suddenly and without warning it is brought into your consciousness.
• Works in many ways such as words, images, color, feelings, hunches and dreams.
• Is “knowing you know something but not knowing how you know”.

Did you know that you can make intuition work for you from goal setting, connecting with guides, and improving your life?

Intuition is the best resource you have to create magic in your life. It can be subtle and powerful, but intuition will never fail you. It can tell you what to do or not do and it can save your life!

Let me share a personal and powerful story on intuition with you. It is 1969 and a new friend and I are at a Hotel in Edmonton, Alberta. She was drinking pretty heavily and I was the designated driver, I was sipping on pop or water. As time passed, I was getting tired and told her I would like to go home. I went to the washroom and when I came back two young men were at our table, both pretty inebriated and making passes at her. She was giggling and lapping it up. I was tired and I just wanted to go home. I asked her if we could leave and she refused. She wanted me to stay with them and have a party.

I said “no”, she got angry and told me she would see herself home and that I was a “party pooper. She told me to “get lost”. I headed out of the bar and went to the lobby’s exit door. I put my hand on the door and a voice said, “don’t go”. I stopped, and turned around, so sure I heard her voice and that she would be standing there talking to me. But it wasn’t.

I went back to the lobby and sat down. I told myself to sit here for a while and wait, give her some time and try again to get her to come home with me.

I waited half and hour and went back to the bar. She was still with the two young men, giggling and having a good time. She was getting pretty drunk and again they tried to persuade me to stay with them. I had such a foreboding feeling as I stood there; desperately wanting her to leave with me, but she wasn’t having any of it.
I told her I would wait in the lobby for her. She got angry and told me to just take off in not so polite terms.

I went back to the lobby, hesitated and again voices said “don’t go!” None of them were in any condition to drive. I was getting tired and nervous and I just sat and waited hoping the guys would leave the bar without her. I had such a sense of doom come over me that I was riveted to the spot and I knew I could not leave.

After about an hour they came out and they were in rough shape. I tried to reason with her that they were in no condition to drive. She lived in a bedroom community outside of Edmonton about 10 miles away from the bar. She insisted they would be safe on the country roads, as there was not much traffic at this time of night.
I felt so responsible and anxious. She had come in my car and I wanted to drive her home.

With great sadness and fear I watched them drive away erratically in a convertible with her sitting in the middle in the front seat.

The next morning the news reported a tragic accident at a railroad crossing. Three young adults had been killed instantly by a train.

I experienced many powerful emotions over their deaths for a long, long time. Why was I given the intuitive voice telling me to wait for her and yet I could not stop her?
I believe that the date of our death is set in our DNA at birth, so there was really nothing I could have done to save her.

Our voice of intuition brings us messages and foreknowledge of things that could happen. We are not always in control of what we may “see or feel”. That night my intuition was doing its’ job for me. Perhaps my intuition was simply telling me that I should not stay with them in the bar or go anywhere with them. Regardless, it worked for me and I am sure it saved my life that night. The sad part was that I was unable to change her destiny but perhaps my intuition wanted me try.

The more you trust your intuition and listen to it, the more powerful it will become. I have trusted my intuition since I was four years old.

Now, you may also be thinking, yes, but she is a clairvoyant so was that intuition or her psychic abilities that stepped in that night? At this particular time in my life I was not doing anything “psychic” in any way. Are not psychic predictions just heightened intuition? Being psychic is someone who has developed their intuition by paying attention to it and developing it.

Listen to that wonderful voice inside your head when it tells you to “turn left, “etc. It will never steer you wrong. Intuition often comes as little signals but when it is imperative that you get the message that voice can make loud commands such as it did that night. When we pay attention, the signs come more often and stronger.

So how do you learn to use it to the best of your abilities?
See article # 2 on How to Harness Your Intuition

Copyrighted By Irene Martina (998 Words) March 3, 2008

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By Irene Martina, Clairvoyant, Medium, Author & Speaker

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Irene Martina is a Claivoyant, Medium, Author and Speaker with over 42 years experience and with a myraid of clients around the world.