We live in a time of incredible potential, perched on the precipice of massive transformation…or massive destruction. We get to choose how we design our lives and, in doing so, the world responds. Our choices become our manifested reality that we might see ourselves reflected in our own creations. Dare we see what we see?

There are so many in our world who have brought us pieces of what we need to engage; voices loud and strong… urging us to wake up! Wake up to our potential. Wake up to our capacity for creating change. And wake up sooner rather than later, before waking up becomes impossible to do. What we now need to do is put these pieces together in a way that will allow us to become far more than we have ever been able to give ourselves permission to be. For that, we must not just think outside the box of interpreting through what we know – we must leave the box completely and allow ourselves to think the outrageous. Only in that moment can we come to know the godforce that we already are.

Ervin Laszlo says it best in his 2006 offering of The Chaos Point: The World at the Crossroads‘: we have seven years to avoid global collapse and promote worldwide renewal. My interpretation? Use it or lose it! Use our capacity for awakened manifestation or lose all that we hold as precious, not just in the world we’ve created but the very world itself. We must get on with it!

I’ve never been much for recipes for enlightenment or formulas for transformation. However, this year feels different for me. It feels as if there are some critical discoveries that need to be remembered, that we may move forward from that point rather than continue to cycle back into our own ignorance and travel that same path, yet one more time. In the spirit of accelerating our that movement forward, I offer: The 5 Keys to Awakened Manifestation. These have changed my life! May they do the same for you.

1. My body is a Quantum Biological Processor (QBP). This simple fact has profound and mind-blowing implications in that it does not add to our description or understanding of what a human being is – it completely redefines it! My body is not who I am – it is an exquisite, organic, profoundly powerful device that allows ‘me’ to express through it, in a physical universe… and it is a device, nonetheless! Like breathing is the key to an open, relaxed body, a soft, open and fully relaxed body is the essential requirement to creating a fully functioning Quantum Biological Processor.
2. The Quantum Biological Processor that my body is processes signals. These signals occur at multiple levels of expression, from the external physical (i.e. food for my lunch) to the internal physical (i.e. my feelings/emotions) to the esoteric (i.e. thoughts, intentions, expressions of the spiritual). The Quantum Biological Processor that my body is, is capable of expressing and processing all of these signals, at the same time. The human body is the epitome of multi-tasking.
3. I am not my body, I am the Signal. The “I” that “I” am, is the Signal that flows through the QBP and manifests in the physical world through body and behaviour. The Signal from Self….the signal that differentiates ‘me’ from my history, my cultural conditioning, my external demands….is in constant flow with those other signals that come from my history (experience/wisdom/knowledge) and the demands/expectations of my outside world. Nonetheless, the Signal from Self offers the clear, direct and internally-driven sensory cues – moment to moment, without fail - that will lead to my body and my Self being in total alignment, if I allow it. In that moment, an Emerging Future becomes possible.
4. Emerging Futures are the key to transforming our world. The alternative to an Emerging Future is to create the future from the past – which we already know how to do. To do otherwise, we must discover HOW ELSE to engage the energetic for expression through the physical.
5. Evolution by Intention is the platform that allows us to move beyond our historical notions of living and stand firm in designing how we live. In that moment, we become willing to let go of all that has been that we may create all that can be. The alternative is to continue to attempt to create the future, shackled by the past.

It is so simple, really. And it really is magic! The basic design of what we are is exquisitely intended to allow the signal from Self to flow effortlessly through and express fully. All I have to do is relax into what is so essential to the nature of what I am, and the rest falls into place. My greatest challenge is always to make sure that my intellect – my history, my knowledge and my commitment to what I think is real and true – does not get in the way of what I might become. Somewhere along the line, given the organic nature of the device itself, we were overtaken by our accumulated knowledge and forgot who and what we are. I, for one, am choosing to remember.

Author's Bio: 

Louise LeBrun – Founder of the WEL-Systems® Institute – is one of the most original thinkers of our time. Prolific writer, she has authored four books and articles too numerous to mention, with a new book to be released in the fall of 2008. Her life is filled with people who are seeking to move beyond what we know to experience the wisdom that can only come from the inside, out, with the discovery of their unique being.
For more, visit www.LouiseLeBrun.com.