One of the top ways to brand yourself as an expert is to “endorse” others and let others “endorse” you.
In this post you will find:

1. 5 Reasons Why Endorsements Work
2. 10 Top Strategies for Endorsing

5 Reasons Why Endorsements Work

1. When you get endorsed, you feel others’ support and backing. Did you know that more people want you to succeed than fail?

2.You are not alone. Most people make the mistake of thinking they have to brand themselves by themselves. That’s highly inefficient.

3. You get lifted to a place of higher visibility than you were before. Then, when you shine, more people get touched by your brilliance.

4. Your credibility rating skyrockets. When believable sources add their trustworthiness to yours, you seem more reliable and convincing.

5.Others trust you and feel safer around you more quickly. People warm up to you more easily when someone else introduces you and vouches for you.

10 Top Strategies for Endorsing

1. Offer to endorse people. I was surprised to find out that great people love to endorse great people. Click on the link below to hear a story about how I got a huge surprise endorsement for my first book - Dream-Making to Billions: http://www.audioacrobat.com/play/WD0lv46x

2. Include your name, title, and website (minimum) with your endorsement. Whenever possible, provide your tagline, photo, and product photo, too. Examples: http://CompletionGenius.com

3. Give and ask for audio testimonials. I recommend AudioAcrobat (click on link below for a free trial). Just give out your testimonial line for people to call in. Example: http://www.audioacrobat.com/play/Wssvdb44

4. Post on blogs, discussion boards and forums. Try something unique. Share posting with a group. For example, in one situation, 10 different people take turns posting on their assigned day. Mine are the days ending in “0” … the 10th, 20th and 30th of the month. Example: http://guidetohomebasedbusiness.com/blog

5. Use refer-a-friend systems. Vic Johnson says that one of the top strategies for growing AsAManThinketh.com into a 6-figure income generating site was when he started giving away another E-Book when a person referred someone to his site. Example: http://refer.referafriend.com/taf/102183/2450/form

6. Appreciate often. Email appreciations and grant them permission to quote you in their branding campaign.

7. Request that clients complete online surveys after events and services you provide. Click on the link below to check out how I worded my survey to use comments in my marketing. Example: http://www.4grants.net/nichesurvey.htm

8. Ask “credible people” to tell you what your niche is. Ask them to tell you what they see as your genius! When I do this, I'm amazed at the great feedback I get. Remember: great people love to endorse great people. And, you're great! Example: http://www.fununlimitedinc.com/clients.htm

9. Add endorsements to your website and email messages within 48 hours. As soon as possible, transfer endorsements you receive directly to places where you brand your name, products and services. Don’t wait. Example: http://BrandYourNiche.com

10. Ask for (or give) an endorsement NOW. Don’t wait for the right moment. Ask for the written or aural comment now before you move on. Ask for or give your “permission” to use the quote in marketing.

Endorse away!

Phil Johncock
Founder of 4Grants.Net


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Award-Winning Author & Educator, Founder of 4Grants.Net, and Mentor