Free publicity is there for the grabbing. All it takes is a little creativity and a powerful ezine. Writing an ezine (commonly known as an email newsletter), will assist you in building credibility while marketing your company service or product.
Approaching the Concept
Before you jump into writing an ezine, take a few days to research what is currently circulating on the Internet. To do this, visit search engines like Google or AskJeeves and type in the keyword phrase “creating ezines”. On Google alone, you will receive 167,000 possibilities for resource information just for that day. Now tomorrow the number may increase.

You can use these same search engines to find an ezine directory. Don't be surprised if you receive a large number of ezine resource links from your search. Most sites will offer you the opportunity to join its directory for a low monthly fee. Doing so will increase your odds of making money with a monthly ezine.

Whether you're a business owner or a freelance writer, you should join as many ezines in your target market as possible. By doing so, you will always stay on top of “what is hot” and “what is not”. Subscribing doesn't always mean you'll need to shell out money. In fact, a smart business professional will GIVE IT AWAY free.
Ezine Success
If you're Internet savvy, you're probably familiar with a number of websites that promote ezines. From 'How to Make Money in Real Estate' to 'How to Do It Yourself Home Improvements', everyone who is anybody is promoting their service or product through ezine articles and the success rate is growing rapidly. This is due to the high demand for information on self-help topics, health and fitness, business and investments. No matter what the industry, there is a definite way to make money using ezines.

Online you'll find FREE and SUBSCRIPTION ezines. Most ezines that are delivered free are done so to 'perk interest' of perspective customers. The consumer is given a taste of what is to come and the result is the purchase of a service or product. The intent of subscription ezines is the same, but cost the consumer a small annual fee. Sometimes the consumer will receive a package for their purchase. For instance, a free e-book on marketing or selling on eBay is received by every subscriber. And tucked inside each e-book is more money making opportunities for the ezine publisher.

Many publishers will permit a copy writer to submit a small article on topics that pertain to the publisher's ezine. The writer gives the publisher permission to publish their article, free of charge, in exchange for the publisher including the author's bylines. Normally, this small 3-line blurb directs traffic to the writer's website, which in turn, creates more business for the writer. To me - this seams like a WINNING OPPORTUNITY.
Without a doubt - ezines pack a powerful punch! Whether you're a publisher or writer, you can make a monthly residual that exceeds a $1,000. It's begins with understanding your market and ends with giving them what they demand.

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