I was doing a bit of grocery shopping today and I got hit on twice in less than a minute. By dudes.

No prob with me, they're just barkin' up the wrong tree.

The thing is when I walked away from both of them all I could think was, "Man, those were some creepy dudes."

And no, it wasn't because they were gay. I don't care what side of the toast you butter, as long as it makes you happy.

Nope, they gave me the heeby jeebies because of a common mistake most people make when they first have a conversation with someone.

And fixing this one little thing could mean being as popular as the high school quarterback instead of as outcast as the kid whose parents are hippies and don't believe in deoderant.

Just read on and I'll explain.

First guy walks up to me and says, "That's a nice tattoo on your leg." and smiles. Then he says, "Are you an artist?"

"At one time I was." I reply.

"Cool, what do you do now?" He asks.

"I'm a writer."

"Oh, wow. I used to teach music in high school. So, do you live around here?"

"Nope. Nice talking to you. Have a good night." And I was out.

What happened here, and what made me think this guy was a weirdo, was that his questions didn't naturally flow from one to the next.

There was no transition.

He went from asking my job, to telling me his job, to asking where I lived. It was like a game of twenty questions.

The funny thing is I would of gladly talked for a while with him if he would ofmade a natural transition from question to question. But instead he came off as a big scatterbrained weirdo.

Now, how about a better way to start a conversation. One that won't leave the person thinking you're dumber than a hairless beach ape.

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Big Fun,
Mohawk Gringo
The Happiest Man on the Internet

P.S. Oh yeah, the other guy. He asked me if anyone ever told me I looked like Andrew Agassi. Hmmm, mid ninty's tennis player reference means weirdo. Don't be that guy, get http://mohawkgringo.com/fearlessliving.htm.

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