The recession has now grown its spreading roots. Those who didn’t think it was going to hit them have sadly come to terms: the recession is here to stay. Thousands of people have been laid off and thousands wonder if their current job will still exist. Either way, all of us have a family member, a friend or a client in this situation. While many have felt the pressure of doing more with less at work for months or years, people are feeling even more stretched to the max. Most of us wonder how long we will be able to sustain such intense pressure. Those who have lost their job are networking, sending résumés and interviewing for a new job. Those who have had their salaries cut down are in search of another part-time job to increase their revenue. And the rest are holding on to several jobs to make ends meet. Everyone has been affected: employees holding on to a job, entrepreneurs striving to survive and investors counting their losses in the millions.

As stress continues to increase and doesn’t fade away, we must find ways to be resilient to survive the rough waters in search for calmer seas. These are some useful strategies to counter-balance intense pressure as we effectively manage stress.

Balance Work in Life with LOVE:

LIFESTYLE STRATEGIES: If someone is experiencing back pain due to trauma, they may need to take medication and add physical therapy to improve their condition. If someone experiences full blown depression or anxiety attacks, they may benefit from taking antidepressants and undergoing cognitive -behavioral therapy. Doctors prescribe medications and therapy during times of illness. We prescribe healthy strategies during times of health. Practicing healthy strategies to stay healthy will help you sustain stress: use the Four Pillars of Biological Health daily: nutrition, exercise, sleep and relaxation.

ORGANIZATIONAL SKILLS: This is one of the most challenging areas during difficult times: people keep adding work and activities to their day and, more so, when they operate by fear. As we constantly pile things on our plate, we will also need to prioritize, plan, strategize, execute and manage our plan to succeed. Many don’t realize that they can go nights without sleep in their twenties but not in their forties. As we age, we need to find ways to increase our energy to continue to perform at the highest level. If we are too tired and exhausted, we won’t be able to see the best options, limiting our opportunities instead of making the best choices as we strive to thrive.

VALUES: Add synergy to your actions by aligning your personal value system with your organizational value system. Our values are deeply rooted in our spiritual dimension. If you are not interested in the focus of your work or feel that “it’s just a job” without any passion for your contributions, the job will offer a temporary solution. The more we are able to connect our personal values to the values of the organization, the easier it will be to bring our passion into action and enjoy work in life.

ENJOY: You won’t be able to work at your highest level if you run out of stamina. You will benefit from taking a break while you replenish your energy spending quality time with family and friends. In addition, consider including activities that you enjoy such as listening to music, trying a new hobby or watching fun programs during the day. This will help you refresh your energy so that you can then continue to work hard. Find times to bring joy into your life every day. This is the key to balancing work in life with LOVE.

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DR. GABY CORA is a wellness doctor and coach and the Official Guide on Life Work Balance for Self Growth. Read her blogs and articles on The Power of Wellbeing

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