Many people know that astrology can be a valuable self-development tool. Carl Jung, the legendary Swiss psychologist, used astrology to understand his client’s problems when psychiatry didn’t help. Indeed, the implicit promise of understanding your birth chart is self-knowledge. We all know, on some level, that self-knowledge is the key to happiness, success, and productivity.

In fact, an expert natal chart interpretation can reveal your special contribution to this planet – what you were ‘born’ to do; what will give you the greatest satisfaction and why you may not have achieved it yet; how your failures, struggles, and flaws may indicate that you’re ‘on track’ towards fulfilling your greatest potential. Pretty exciting stuff.

There are some dos and don’ts for using astrology as a self-growth tool, though, at least in my experience. Here are a few tips.

DON’T feel you need to ‘believe’ in astrology to benefit from an astrological reading. In fact, it may be helpful not to. A ‘belief’ orientation may lead you to focus on questions such as ‘what will happen to me?’ If you want to grow, and particularly if you want to work with a particular issue, challenge, or area of development, asking ‘why?’ or ‘what can I do?’ questions typically yields more insight. Let’s say, for example, that you have a history of failed relationships, financial difficulties, or you want to start a business. Asking ‘will I meet someone’ is not as helpful as asking ‘why do I have this relationship pattern’ or ‘what do I need to do to fulfill my dream of starting a business?’

DO avoid computerized astrology reports. They can be entertaining, fun, cheap, and even provide an insight or two. But they almost never offer the depth needed for real growth and exploration. They are far too generalized and the all-important art of astrological synthesis is missing. For true benefits, you need an individualized reading with a professional astrologer.

DO choose your astrologer with care. Feel free to get recommendations, read samples of their work if available, and query the astrologer as to their approach before the reading. Be aware that every good astrologer has their own method of interpreting a chart.

For example, I use a developmental perspective that views the chart as a map designed to create both meaning and personal satisfaction in your life. This approach is particularly good for discerning purpose as well as understanding current situations. Other astrologers use different approaches, perhaps focusing on personality, karma, timing, or other elements. Some have a counseling perspective, some a spiritual one, and some view astrology as entertainment.

DO inquire about price. An individual reading can be more expensive than a computerized analysis, so consider your budget. Readings typically range from about $75 to $200 or more. I’ve started offering clients the chance to design their own reading at a price of $5 per page so that each person can both manage costs and make sure the reading is exactly tailored to their own concerns. Other astrologers may have a set price for a general reading, a transit report, or a relationship analysis, for example.

Finally, DO feel free to study astrology on your own. For assistance with your own life issues, it is almost always helpful to consult a professional. Few of us can interpret our own issues with the clarity of an impartial observer. Nevertheless, astrology represents the collective wisdom of thousands of years of human observation of the cycles of the universe. It can lead you an immeasurably richer understanding of what it means to be human on this planet.

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Victoria Bazeley is a professional astrologer who has studied astrology for over 35 years and given individual readings for more than twenty. Her website at offers a free sequential course in using astrology to cast horoscopes. If you are interested in an individual reading or more information, you can contact her at